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Auction 59  10-11 Jun 2024
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Lot 1474

Starting price: 9000 EUR
Price realized: 16 000 EUR
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Alle Welt: Giant collection in 7 collectors albums and 1 envelope with more than 1.000 banknotes from all over the world, including a very small part Germany and German Notgeld, comprising a very nice assortment of high valuable banknotes, such as for example BURMA 10 Rupees ND(1938) (P.5, VF/VF+, pinholes) and 50 and 100 Kyats ND(1976) (P.60, 61, UNC), CEYLON 10 Rupees 1941 (P.36Aa, F), 100 Rupees 1952 (P.53, F/F-, graffiti), CZECHOSLOVAKIA 1.000 Korun 1932 Specimen (P.25s, F/F-), EAST AFRICA 10 Shillings 1955 (P.34, F/F+), EGYPT 50 Piastres 1947 (P.21d, UNC), 10 Pounds 1948 (P.23c, F/F+, tiny missing part upper right), 50 Pounds 1945 (P.15c, F-, larger tears), 100 Pounds 1945 (P.17d, F/F-), 100 Pounds 1951 (P.27b, F+/VF, graffiti), FRENCH ANTILLES 10 Francs ND(1964) (P.8b, UNC), INDIA 10 Rupees ND(1928-35) (P.16b, VF, pinholes), 10 Rupees ND(1937) (P.19a, VF+/XF), 100 Rupees ND(1949-57) (P.43a, VF/VF+, pinholes), IRAN 10 Rials SH1317 (P.33Aa, F/F+), IRAQ 1 Dinar L.1931 (1942) (P.18a, F/F-, margin split), 1 Dinar L.1947 (1959) (P.48, F/F+), KATANGA 1.000 Francs 1960 Remainder (P.10r, aUNC), KENYA 10 Shillings 1966 Specimen (P.2s, aUNC/UNC), LIBYA 10 Pounds L.1963 (P.27, F+/VF, graffiti), MALI 1.000, 5.000 and 10.000 Francs ND(1970-84) (P.13d, 14b, 15f, UNC, aUNC), MAURITIUS 5 Rupees ND(1930) (P.20, F+/VF), 5 Rupees ND(1954) (P.27, XF+/aUNC), NORTH KOREA 100 Won 1959 (P.17, UNC), REUNION 10 Nouveaux Francs ND(1967-71) (P.54b, VF/VF+), SAINT PIERRE ET MIQUELON 1 Nouveau Franc ND(1960) (P.30b, UNC), SEYCHELLES 50 Rupees 1972 (P.17d, F-, margin split), SINGAPORE 100 Dollars ND(1967-73) (P.6d, XF+/aUNC), SPAIN 5.000 Pesetas 1976 (P.155, UNC), TIBET 5 Srang ND(1942-47) (P.8, F/F+) and many more. Fantastic collection and great investment! Viewing recommended! (1.000+ pcs.)
[taxed under margin system]
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