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MUGHAL: Jahangir, 1605-1628, AV mohur, Agra, AH1035 year 20, cf. KM-168.1 (rupee), citing both Jahangir and his chief consort Nur Jahan, Persian couplet ba hukm shah jahangir yafta sad zevar // ba nam-e-noor jahan badshah begam zer ("[Coin struck] by the order of Shah Jahangir, [this] gold has a hundred beauties gained with the inscription of the name of Nur Jahan, the Badshah Begum"); extremely rare and unpublished in Krause; two minor edge defects, very slightly bent, with stunning brilliant original lustrous fields! NGC UNC Details, RRR. Nur Jahan was the 20th and final wife of Jahangir. She became his favorite consort and took over the administration of the empire as his health deteriorated after a lifetime of heavy drinking and opium use. Jahangir noted approvingly of her affection in his personal diaries and entrusted her with his imperial seal, effectively allowing her to rule in all but name. Nur Jahan proved to be a capable administrator and navigated through numerous crises, including a failed rebellion by Prince Khurram (the later Shah Jahan). As a testament to her unparalleled power, her name appeared on coins struck in the final years of Jahangir's reign, an important privilege reserved for rulers throughout the Muslim world and never afforded to a wife. Jahangir died on Oct. 28, 1627 and was succeeded by Shah Jahan. The new ruler never forgot Nur Jahan's interference with his accession or her undue influence over his father. He soon exiled her to Lahore, where she would live out the rest of her life. He also ordered coins bearing her name to be melted down and forbade their use under the penalty of death. This resulted in the rarity of Nur Jahan's coins in all denominations, particularly in gold. NGC Certificate #6768135-001.

Estimate: 80000-100000 USD
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