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(x) Imperial Bank of Persia, [Top Pop] set of front and back Colour Trial Specimen 1000 Tomans, ND (1890-1923),
1000 Tomans note from the Imperial Bank of Persia almost requires no introduction in any of its forms. It's unlikely that anyone will ever be able to fully capture the significance of this note.

In this first series from the Imperial Bank of Persia, the dimensions of the banknotes expand with the denomination. The changing proportionality of these notes only adds to their allure. Needless to say, as the highest denomination in the series, this note stands as the apex and is most fervently sought after by collectors, and trophy hunters!

Numerous factors contribute to its desirability. The design of this Qajar series is hailed as a masterpiece. The craftsmanship of Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co. is impeccable, and the imposing dimensions of the note never fail to astonish.

With only 600 notes ever issued between 1890 and 1923, of which 599 were redeemed, cancelled, and subsequently destroyed. As of the final tallying of the first series on 20th December 1931, only one 1000 Tomans note remained unredeemed. As a result, the 1000 Tomans denomination can, on rare occasions, be encountered in the form of a specimen or colour trial specimen.

This lot, a striking colour trial specimen set, represents the preliminary stage of the note, wherein the finalised design is present, albeit with colours differing from those of the issued note. In this instance, the vibrant green, pink, and blue hues of the issued notes front are substituted by harmonious pastel tones of light green, nectarine haze, and orange, which elegantly contrast with the dark grey shades of the lion and sun motifs, the coat of arms, the portrait of the Qajar, and the denomination. This represents an early printing note lacking a date or signature. The back colour trial specimen was printed in a vibrant green instead of the brown used for circulation. Both notes are perforated with "SPECIMEN."

Over time, numerous enthusiasts and collectors have devoted themselves to the pursuit and collection of these notes, resulting in the assembly of remarkable collections, some of which are of international renown. While cataloguing this lot, I was immediately reminded of the significant Persia/Iran collections that have changed hands and serve as my points of reference, such as the Shamshir and Lion Collection, the Ibrahim Salem Collection, and more recently, the Michael Bonine Collection. Notably, none of these collections included the 1000 Tomans denomination in the form of a colour trial specimen. This set stands as the sole graded set by PMG to date, further emphasising its rarity. It is an essential piece for any advanced collection of Persian or World Banknotes. This is truly an opportunity not to be missed,
, (Pick 10cts1, 10cts2, BNB 112 for the type), in PMG holder 58 Choice About Uncirculated, tears (1), 55 NET About Uncirculated, piece missing, tears, rust (1), (total 2 notes, both sole examples graded for the type by PMG) an incredible and phenomenal rarity!.

Estimate: £15000 - £25000
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