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Presale bidding for this auction is no longer open, but you may be able to place bids with the firm directly (please see the timetable below for the schedule). We have provided a link on each lot's details page so you can go to the auction firm's Web site for more information.

 Auction Location, Timetable, and Lot Viewing Details

Daniel Frank Sedwick Treasure Auction 21
Auction date: 3-4 May 2017


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May 3, Wednesday starting at 10 AM EDT
Session I: Gold Cobs, World Gold Coins and U.S Coins. LOTS 1-276
Session II: Shipwreck Ingots, Shipwreck Silver Coins. LOTS 277-658
Session III: Silver Cobs from Mexico, Lima, Potosi and Other Mints. LOTS 659-1262

May 4, Thursday starting at 10 AM EDT
Session IV: Ancient Coins, World Coins and Medals. LOTS 1263-1777
Session V: Paper Money, Documents. LOTS 1778-2018
Session VI: Shipwreck Artifacts, Non-wreck Artifacts. LOTS 2019-2086

Lot viewing:

By appointment at our office

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