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 Auction Location, Timetable, and Lot Viewing Details

Stephen Album Auction 37
Auction date: 11-14 Jun 2020


Stephen Album Rare Coins
Santa Rosa, California, USA

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Session A | 09:00 PDT | Lots 1-377 | Ancient & Islamic Part I
Session B | 14:00 PDT | Lots 378-951 | Islamic Part II

FRIDAY, JUNE 12, 2020
Session C | 09:00 PDT | Lots 952-1342 | India
Session D | 14:00 PDT | Lots 1343-2001 | China & World Coins

Session E | 10:00 PDT | Lots 2002-3009 | Internet Session

SUNDAY, JUNE 14, 2020
Session F | 10:00 PDT | Lots 3010-3750 | Internet Session & Literature

Lot viewing:

At SARC offices in Santa Rosa, California (by appointment).

 Contact Details

If you have questions about this auction, please contact:

Stephen Album Rare Coins
P.O. Box 7386
Santa Rosa, California, 95407, United States
707-539-3348 (Fax)