Pre-sale Bidding

Pre-sale bidding is a convenient way to place your bids before an auction begins. When you submit pre-sale bids, the auction house acts as your agent and will bid on your behalf.

Pre-sale bidding for this auction through NumisBids is no longer possible. You may still be able to participate through Live Online Bidding or by contacting the auction firm directly for more information.

 Auction Location, Timetable, and Lot Viewing Details

Rzeszowski Dom Aukcyjny Auction 11
Auction date: 21-26 Jan 2023


Takes place online at


21-26 January 2023

Session I 21.01.2023 Start: 10:00 AM
Lots 1-1370

Session II 22.01.2023 Start: 10:00 AM
Lots 1371-2791

Session III 23.01.2023 Start 5:00 PM
Lots 2792-3432

Session IV 24.01.2023 Start 5:00 PM
Lots 3433-4110

Session V 25.01.2023 Start 5:00 PM
Lots 4111-4781

Session VI 26.01.2023 Start 5:00 PM
Lots 4782-5419

 Contact Details

If you have questions about this auction, please contact:

Rzeszowski Dom Aukcyjny Sp. z o.o.
Ul. 3 Maja 13
35-030 Rzeszów
tel: +48 727 597 599