Terms of Sale

This is a public auction, directed by Jesús Vico, S.A. We guarantee the authenticity of the pieces which are offered in this catalogue, unless otherwise indicated.
Participating implies the acceptance of the following conditions:

• All the offers will be done in euro and with no cents of euro. The prices marked in the catalogue for each lot, are the minimum sale prices. Bids for a lower price than the one marked, will not be accepted. Everyone who participates is responsible for the offers placed. The Auctioneer will not be responsible for mistakes in the offers.
• You can participate in the auction:
1. by bidding directly, in the auction house.
2. by sending an offer, duly filled in, by postal mail, fax or e mail.
3. by biding directly through internet (inscription limit 24 hours before the auction begins).
• The buyer will be liable to pay 17% over the sale price in concept of auction rights, the VAT of these rights and, tax whatever his residence may be. If the bid is over internet, the buyer, will pay an additional 2,5%.
• The lots will be sold to the highest bidder; in case of equality the preference would be over the orders given by the buyers who are not present over the ones present in the auction house or over internet and within the ones not present, the first ones received.
• The increase if the bids, will follow the auctioneers discretion, although instructed otherwise beforehand, each increase will be between 5 and 10% approximately.
• Should any piece have a flaw not described in the catalogue, the buyer will be able to return it in a maximum of 7 days, as from the day it was sent. The discrepancy in the degree of conservation will not be a reason for return, except error, as this firm evaluates the pieces in total rigor, following international criteria. Any returned piece must be in the same condition as it was delivered. We will not permit buyers present during the auction to return any object, as we suppose he would have examined the coins first.
• The lots sold, can be collected as from the day after, from our office in Jorge Juan nº 83.
• The lots sold to absent buyers, will be sent to them in the agreed manner, during the days following the auction sale. The postage and packing as well as the COD (cash on delivery) and insurance, will be paid by the buyer.
• The deliveries under 100 euro will always be COD cash on delivery.
• Jesús Vico, S.A., reserves the right to postpone the auction because of a force majeure cause, as well as to remove any lot.
• In any case, the total amount of the lots acquired must be paid 10 days after the date sent, at the latest.
• In case of dispute, the text which obliges both parts to comply with the rules is the one published in Spanish.

The participation in this auction implies the acceptance of the rules described before, as well as to submit to all the actions which could derive from it, to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid.

In order to comply with the current spanish legislation buyers should bear in mind that the export of coins over 100 years old require the issuance of an Export License by the Ministry of Culture, regardless of the country of destination. This process normally takes between 4 to 8 weeks.

There is an export tax for non EU countries of 5% for lots up to 6.000 euro, of 10% for lots between 6.001euro and 60.000 euro, and 20% for lots over 60.001euro. There is no export tax for EU countries.


• EFECTIVO/CASH: en nuestras oficinas o mediante giro postal/ at our offices or by postal order.
• CHEQUE/CHECK: a nombre de Jesús Vico, S.A./ payable to JESÚS VICO, S.A.

1. Banco Santander. C/ Alcalá, 74. E-28009.MADRID.
Swift Code: BSCHESMM. IBAN: ES90 0049-1117-52-2410311111.
2. BARCLAYS. Alcalá, 133. E-28009-MADRID
Swift Code: BARCESMM. IBAN: ES25 0065-0080-65-0001078733.
3. La Caixa. Avda. de Felipe II, 18. E-28009. MADRID.
Swift Code: CAIXESBBXXX. IBAN: ES53 2100-2121-2602-0039-6343.


1. VISA, MASTERCARD y 4B: añadiendo un 1’0% en concepto de gastos/ adding a 1% fee.
2. AMERICAN EXPRESS: añadiendo un 3’80% en concepto de gastos/adding a 3’8% fee.