Terms of Sale

The auction is open to the public and participation is voluntary. Unless otherwise stated there will be more than one consignor.

The auctioned items are sold in the condition as described and shown prior to the auction. Bidders have the opportunity to appraise and inspect the items before the auction. Consequently complaints about the items will not be acknowledged. This restriction on complaints also applies to advance written and telephone bids.

The duty of the auctioneer is to show reasonable care in describing the objects. Every item is to be assumed genuine and authentic unless otherwise stated.

All bids are binding. Bidders must be of legal capacity, i.e. at least 18 years old.

Prebids must be delivered in writing to the auctioneer in due time before the auction or the onlinebidding is closed.

While the auction is to be conducted carefully, the auctioneer is not responsible for possible mistakes or misunderstandings on the part of the buyer.

The auctioneer alone may refuse to accept bids from a person unknown to him and/or bids given without reference to someone known to the auctioneer. Foreign customers must register at least 24 hours prior to the auction.

The auctioneer alone has the authority to decide if persons may participate in the auction. He may also withdraw, rearrange or divide items. In the case of disagreement during the auction, the auctioneer may restart bidding or may decide which of the bids to be accepted.

Agents bidding on behalf of others are completely responsible for payment of a bid. Of that reason the auctioneer can hold both the bidder and third part principals responsible for payment.

All bids are given in Norwegian kroner and sold to the highest bidder. In case of identical bids, the first received written bid takes priority. A prebid is reduced to the first step above the second highest bid. For example: Starting price 900,- and three prebids, kr. 1.000,-, kr. 1.200,- and kr. 1.800,-. The bidding will start at kr. 1.250,- and this will be the hammer price unless the room is bidding against.

The prices in the catalogue are minimum prices and bids below will not be accepted. A fee of 20 % is added to the hammer price of each item. Medals will have a fee of 25 % added. Coins and banknotes that is or has been legal tender are exempted from VAT. On other items f.i. medals 25 % VAT is added on the fee when delivered in Norway. Lots that are subjected to VAT is marked with * by the lot number. If the purchased lots are to be sent, the buyer must pay postage, insurance, customs clearance and kr. 50,- in handling fee. All items are sent on the buyers expense and risk. Items sendt to countries outside Norden will be shipped with FedEx (Price Europe NOK 990,-, outside Europe NOK 1290,-) There will be added a fee of NOK 100,- on all payments from abroad.

The sale is completed by the payment of cash, at the latest 14 days after the auction or the invoice has been sent. In the case of later payment 1% interest is charged pr. started month. If payment has not been received 30 days after the auction, whether or not an invoice has been received, the items may be sold at the buyers cost and risk. The auctioneer alone decides how such a sale is to be carried out. This sale may take place without further notice to the original buyer who will be held responsible for any economic loss due to lost commission or reduced sales price.

The risk of the items passes over to the buyer on acceptance of the bid. However property rights do not pass over before paid in full.

If in spite of these regulations objections are raised about the auctioneer and/or the consignor, this must be raised within 14 days after the item has been delivered or sent. Objections can not be raised if the items are not paid within 30 days after the auction. This also applies regarding the authenticity of the items. Complaints about the quality given on the items will not be accepted as these are based on the exercise of best judgement and each buyer has had the opportunity to make their own desicision.

Oslo is accepted as the venue for settlement of all disputes that may arise from the auction or these regulations.

These regulations are incorporated into our catalogues and all bidders are assumed to have read and accepted these regulations.

Payments made about 4 weeks after the auction.