Terms of Sale

The auction is held on behalf of the owner in accordance with German laws, and in exchange for payment of the purchase price in Euros.

The knock-down price is the basis for calculating the surcharge to be paid by the purchaser. A 23% surcharge is charged to purchasers from Germany and EU countries (the total amount includes the legal sales tax). Entrepreneurs as defined by the German Sales Tax Act are subject to a 23% surcharge (the legal sales tax is included in the total amount) for items subject to capital gains tax, and a 20% surcharge for items taxed as per the usual standards (plus the legal sales tax on the total sum of knock-down price and surcharge). Exports to EU countries may be exempt from the sales tax if proof of the legal requirements is provided.

A standard surcharge of 20% applies to purchasers based in third countries (countries outside the EU). If the item is exported to non-EU countries by the purchaser themselves or by third parties, the legal sales tax is charged, but may be refunded upon presentation of the necessary proof of export. If we export the items to non-EU countries, the legal sales tax is not charged.

A 15% surcharge applies to gold coins exempt from the legal sales tax.

Sales taxes and customs duties incurred abroad are borne by the purchaser. Shipping costs are charged to the purchaser on expense.

The knock-down price is confirmed once the highest bid has been announced three times, and said bidder is then obliged to accept it. In the event of disagreements regarding the knock-down price, the number is announced again. The auctioneer is entitled to split or combine numbers. Auction access is only granted to interested parties in possession of a catalogue.

The following lowest bids apply:

Up to € 50.00 € 2.00
Up to € 100.00 € 5.00
Up to € 500.00 € 10.00
Up to € 1,000.00 € 25.00
Up to € 2,500.00 € 50.00
Up to € 10,000.00 € 100.00
From € 10,000.00 € 250.00

After the auction, the purchased items are only handed over in exchange for payment. If payment or acceptance of the auctioned items is refused, the purchaser shall abdicate their rights to said items, which can then be re-auctioned. In this case, the initial purchaser is liable for any loss, but is not entitled to any gain. The auctioneer is not obliged to take legal action against non-paying purchasers (bidders).

Written orders shall be processed carefully, without any additional costs being charged. Orders from customers known by us may only be taken into account if a deposit is made beforehand, or verifiable bank references are provided. In this case, the auctioneer reserves the right to deliver in exchange for an advance invoice. The shipping costs are borne by the client. Consignments on approval are not possible. Unlimited orders are not considered unconditional, and are only taken into account up to a maximum of ten times the estimated price. In the event of several identical bids, the time of receipt shall be definitive. The telephone bidding is accepted exclusively on lots with a starting price of € 300.--. The auction house cannot be made responsible for technical problems or misunderstanding.

In accordance with § 455 of the German Civil Code, the auctioned item shall remain the seller's property until full payment of the purchase price. The place of performance and jurisdiction for resellers is Heidelberg.

The catalogue information regarding terms and state of preservation has been compiled to the best of our knowledge and with the highest degree of care, based on customary criteria. However, they are a personal assessment, and do not constitute a guarantee for particular features.

Legal and defect liability as per § 434, 459 ff. of the German Civil Code thus does not apply. The auctioneer vouches for the authenticity of the auctioned items, unless otherwise stated in the catalogue. This guarantee is limited to the knock-down price plus surcharge.

Justified complaints may only be taken into account within one week of the auctioned items being received. Bidders attending the auction buy as seen, and can only report hidden defects after the knock down. Complaints cannot be lodged for lots, preservation ratings of less than excellent, items with minimal edge bumps etc., and subsequent modifications made to the auctioned items by the purchaser or their assistants (cleaning etc.).

If you wish to have the purchased item graded, we cannot guarantee that the coins will be accepted or classified as per our description.

Submitting a bid implies agreement with the above auction conditions.

Please note:

The prices stated in the catalogue are starting prices which cannot be undercut!