Terms of Sale

The auction house VIA GmbH is hold on behalf of the owners of the goods according to Austrian Trade Regulation Acts. Any person participating or registering for the auction by submitting a bid, in writing or orally (by telephone), agrees to be bound by and accepts the terms and the condition of the auction.

The description in the catalogue as well as the goods classifications were made with great care strictly according to the levels of conservation customary in the European coin trade and are considered to be a personal assessment. The illustrations of the pieces are part of the description; in case of doubt, the text is a priority. Any description errors do not give rise to liability for legal or material defects.

Auction procedure: The starting prices in Euros (€) shown in the catalogue are minimum prices that must not be lowered. Those interested in buying may submit written or telephone bids; the latter only if this has been previously agreed between the bidder and the auction house. Bids can be placed until 7 a.m. (CET) on the day of the auction. Our auction house makes every effort to carry out each of these orders as well as any special requests regarding “or” bids, limitation of the purchase amount, etc. conscientiously, but cannot assume any liability for this. Errors in the bidding shall be borne by the Bidder. Telephone bids require written confirmation (e-mail) to avoid hearing errors. The increments are usually 5-10%. In the case of several equally high written orders, the first bid received is awarded. Unlimited bids, such as "Buy" or "Best" cannot be accepted. Unknown bidders are asked for guarantees and references. New customers are obliged to register at least 2 working days before the auction date to enable a reference check. If references cannot be obtained, a deposit of 25% of the bid amount or the data of a valid credit card (VISA, MASTER) must be deposited. The amount will then be offset against the purchase and the possible surplus will be returned.

Live phone bidding: The lot numbers requested by the customer and a telephone number valid at that time must be announced at least 24 hours before the start of the auction and the wished lot numbers must be offered at least at the start price. Live telephone bidding is only possible for lots over € 300,-. If no telephone connection is made in time, the company VIA cannot be held responsible for it.

Floor bidding: Each customer must take a bidder number and register before entering the auction room. The bidder buys “as seen”; can bill and pay at any time and take the coins with him. For cash amounts over € 2.000,-- the customer must identify himself with a valid personnel document.

Hammer price: The hammer price is made after three times the highest bid has been awarded and obliges you to accept and pay. The award price is an increase level above the penultimate bid. All auction sales are final. However, the auctioneer has the right not to accept bids, withdraw or collect lots. In case of misunderstandings during the auction, the auctioneer is entitled to reopen the increase. In case of an error in the catalogue, the auctioneer shall announce the correction and sell the lot in accordance with this change, without taking written bids into account, unless the written bidder has made it known to us at the time of the bid that he has noticed the error. On the floor there is only half the stage of increase meaning “Cut-Bid”. However, this can only be done once per lot.

Pricing: The surcharge price is a net price within the meaning of the Austrian VAT Act and forms the basis for calculating the premium to be paid by the buyer. The letter before the lot number indicates the tax rate charged.

B = VAT-exempt coins: usually gold coins which are considered legal tender or have been valid since 1800. The customer pays only the surcharge (15%) on the hammer price plus shipping costs.

D = Differential-taxed coins and medals: The buyer pays 20% on the hammer price. This sum includes the statutory value added tax of 20% plus shipping costs.

Foreign coin dealers from countries of the European Union do not pay VAT (=intra-Community) in conjunction with Section 6a UStG (=intra-Community tax-free delivery). Foreign buyers from third countries pay a surcharge of 15% on the surcharge price plus shipping costs for all items purchased at the auction, provided that the purchased goods are exported by us.

Payment period: Unless otherwise agreed, payment of the auction invoice is due immediately by present buyers, and by written bidders no later than 14 days after receipt. In the event of a delay in payment, the auction house reserves the right to charge interest of 1% per month. The right of ownership is transferred to the buyer only after full payment of the goods. We reserve the right to retain the auction goods and deliver them only after full payment. Attorney fees, court costs and other costs incurred in connection with the collection shall be borne by the buyer. When paying by credit card or PayPal, the expenses charged by the credit institution in the amount of 4% of the invoice amount will be charged to the customer. In the case of advance cash that is not paid despite a reminder, the buyer loses his rights from the contract and the auction goods can be auctioned at his expense. In this case, the buyer is liable for the loss of the amount due to us, which can also be brought before the courts. However, the buyer is not entitled to the additional proceeds.

Shipping is at the expense and risk of the buyer. Postage and insurance will be charged at least: domestic € 6,--, Europe € 10,-- and non-European countries € 15,--. Foreign customers buy according to their country's foreign exchange, customs and tax regulations. Shipping formalities are handled by the auctioneer. Shipping instructions must either be written on the bid slip or announced in writing immediately after the auction. If the shipment arrives damaged or the customer does not receive a shipment or communication letter within one month, the customer must notify us immediately so that we can notify the insurance company and initiate an investigation order. If the notification of the customers is too late, he is not entitled to a replacement.

Complaints: All coins are guaranteed as genuine and according to the description. All the bidders present generally buy "as is seen"; they cannot make a complaint concerning the quality and description after the award has been awarded. Excluded are erroneously overlooked handle marks, frame traces or repairs. In the case of personal acceptance of the goods, any complaints regarding quality and incorrect description must be made on the date of acceptance. Eligible complaints are of course accepted, only the items complained of must be in the condition delivered by us. Coins and medals in the preservation of "beautiful" or inferior quality are excluded from the quality guarantee, as are lots, which in general cannot be claimed (the specified number of pieces - if not grossly different - is to be understood only as an approximate indication). Excluded from the complaint period is the authenticity of the pieces, for which we always guarantee up to the amount of the purchase price. In the event of disagreement, the auctioneer may consult experts of his choice; the costs shall be borne by the losing party. Coins encapsulated by a valuation company such as PGCS, NGC, etc. cannot be claimed.

The complaint period of 7 days must be strictly adhered to. Complaints can only be received up to 21 days after the auction for customers who buy in advance. Complaints are generally handled by us on behalf of the consignors. We reserve the right to refer the bidders, if claims are given, to assert them directly against the consignor. This is used whenever the consignor has already been billed.

The place of jurisdiction for all proceedings is Vienna. However, we also reserve the right to sue the debtor at his place of residence.

Only the German text of the auction conditions is legally binding.

Auctioneer - VIA GmbH

Vienna, February 2020