Terms of Sale

The starting and award prices will be in € uros, as well as all payments for purchases made.
The starting price is the minimum price at which each lot can be awarded without accepting any bid below this.
The lots are awarded to the highest bidder. Equal bids wins the one received previously. Bids with decimals will not be accepted.
For those customers who wish or cannot attend the room, we offer the services of bid order, telephone bidding and online bidding system in real time. All lots are sold at the lowest possible price, with the bidding order prevailing over the room, in case of coincidence with the bidding orders priority will be given to the one received in our offices beforehand.
The increments will vary at each auction.
TAULER & FAU will not be responsible for the interruption of the online mode due to force majeure or deficiencies attributable to third parties.
The buyer will pay the award price plus an 18% increase in auction costs (VAT included). Insurance and shipping costs will be paid by the buyer.
The amount of the lots must be paid within 30 days after the auction, TAULER Y FAU reserves the right to cancel the sale and dispose of the lots and / or judicially claim the amount due, as well as the damages caused.
TAULER & FAU guarantees the authenticity of all the lots listed in this catalog, unless otherwise indicated. The descriptions of this catalog have been meticulously made by our technical team which guarantees its status and authenticity, in any case, if any defect not mentioned affects any of the pieces, it can be returned within ten days.
In the case of lots acquired through written orders, returns must be made within a maximum period of 10 days, from the date of receipt, and provided there is a duly reasoned, justified cause and that the parts had any defect not described in the Catalogue. In no case will returns of batches of assembly or cartridges of the F.N.M.T. It will not be a reason for return, the discrepancy regarding the degree of conservation, except error, since all our lots are rigorously examined by specialists following international regulations. Any returned item must be in the same condition as it was delivered.
TAULER & FAU reserves the right of admission to the auction room, as well as that of declining any bidding order that may alter the normal development of the auction. TAULER & FAU will have the power to cancel, reunify or alter the order of sale of those lots that it deems most appropriate.
All clients that are not habitual of TAULER & FAU must provide commercial references and guarantees.
The lots will remain the property of the seller until the full payment has been made.
It is the buyer's obligation to observe the tax and customs provisions in force in Spain. In the case of export, it is incumbent upon the buyer to observe the customs and exchange provisions in force in Spain, as well as the regulations in this regard dictated in the Spanish Historical Heritage Law, 16/85 of June 25 and Royal Decrees of Partial Development of the Law. The amounts of the Export Rate will be borne by the buyer. The organizers of the auction, decline all responsibility for the possible consequences of the non-observance of these provisions.
Participation in the auction implies the absolute and inalienable acceptance of these conditions.
The text that obliges the parties involved in the Auction is the one published in Spanish, the complementary ones will be submitted to the original in Spanish. For any dispute or problem arising from the auction or the interpretation of these conditions, express submission to the Courts and Courts of Madrid Capital is established.