Terms of Sale

Participation on auction happens under the following conditions: 1. The auction happens from the free will of the participants. The company of Nudelman Numizmatika Kft. organises, arranges and manages the auction on behalf of the clients. 2. All objects being in the auction may be seen during the exhibition. The description of each lot and identification of its increasing jumps happens according to the best knowledge of the specialists of Nudelman Numizmatika Kft. The each lot will be sold with its all defets and deficiencies in a condition, as they are during the auction. A claim after hammering – within 8 days after receipt – can be taken into account only in case if the buyer notices on the bought lot such a rough defect (earmark, repaired hole, soldering) which can’t be found in the catalogue. The buyers attending the auctions yourself buy however the pieces „as described”. The auctioneer may the lots reduce, separate, leave or withdraw according to his lights. 3. The Nudelman Numizmatika Kft. guarantees that all pieces are genuine. 4. The Euro prices in the catalogue are at the same time put-up prices, which means that bids below can’t be accepted. The bid will be increased generally by 10% jumps. A hammering occurs if the highest bid will announced three times and no higher bid arrives. In uncertain cases, for example the personage of the bidder can’t be identify unanimously, or the auctioneer a higher bid overlooked by mistake, the leader of auction has the right to re-open the bidding or recall the lot and put it up for sale again. 5. Bidder number: before the auction the Nudelman Numizmatika Kft. issues numbered discs, while the bidders must identify himselves by their passport or identity card. The computer connects and stores the personal data of the clients temporarily to the bidder number to which the clients give their permission. This is necessary because of the invoicing and avoiding the misunderstanding. During the auction the numbered discs serve for bidding. The buyer is responsible that his disc can’t be used by another person during the auction. At the end of the auction we ask you to give back the bidder number personally also in case he didn’t bought during the auction. If everybody requires his invoice during the auction, his previous bidder number no more exists. If he wants to bid further, he has to request a new bidder number. 6. The participation in the auction can happen by writing or during the auction by phone. A bid by phone can be made only if the put-up price is over 500 Eur per piece. The realization of the written bid will be made by Nudelman Numizmatika Kft. according to the buyingcommission. In case the personage of the bidder is unknown – in the interest of secure of payment – Nudelman Numizmatika Kft. ask for a deposit 20%. In case of written buying commission the deposit is the 20% of the bid, and it is in case of a bid made by phone 40% of the put-up price. This amount must be transferred to the account of the Nudelman Numizmatika Kft. latest on 25. September 2015 at 12.00 o’clock. Failing this the Nudelman Numizmatika Kft. may the bid neglect. In case of an unsuccess bid transfers the Nudelman Numizmatika Kft. the amount of advance immediately after the auction. If the bidding was successful, the deposit will be applied to the purchase money. 7. The hammering obliges the buyer to the taking over the goods and paying its price. All buyer purchases for its own name and account. There is no possible to buy for a third person. The hammerings for a given bidder number can’t be change later. In case of a cash payment the date of the invoice is the same as the date of the payment. 8. The buyer’s premium is 20% of the hammer price. The hammer price and the buyer’s premium together are the purchased price. The purchased price includes the hungarian VAT which will be paid by Nudelman Numizmatika Kft., and can’t be refund. Internet live bidders fee is paid by the Nudelman Numismatica Kft. 9. The floor buyers are bound to pay the purchase price immediately on the auction place. The buyer obtains the ownership of the good put up for auction only after paying the total purchased price. On the base of a previous discussion the Nudelman Numizmatika Kft. ensures – with paying a deposit 20% – the possibility of a payment within 15 days after auction. The deposit must be paid immediately on the place of auction in cash or with VISA or MASTER CARD credit cards. Failing this the lot in question can be put up for auction again. In case of paid advance get the buyer the ownership of the lot after paying the total invoice amount. In case of a written or by phone made commission the purchase price must be transferred within 15 days after receiving the hammer price or to pay in cash in our office. Delivery costs depend on the mailing class as well as the value of the goods, therefore we kindly ask you to find out about delivery costs in advance. All goods get delivered in safe, bubble wrap packaging. Delivery of goods within the country takes between 3 to 7 working days. 10. In case of a default payment – after 15 days – the Nudelman Numizmatika Kft. is obliged to account monthly 3% interest on default. If the default payment exceeds 45 days the Nudelman Numizmatika Kft. is bound to terminate the contract with accounting of a failure penalty of 30% which will be deducted from the deposit. 11. In case of any disputes both parties conform theirselves depending on the contractual amount the exclusive competence of Central District Court of Pest and Budapest Capital Court respectively. The Court acts according to the Hungarian low. Auctioneer: László Nudelman Nudelman Numizmatika Kft. H-1051 Budapest, 16. Petôfi Sándor str. 16. Telephone: 00 361 337 4908 info@numismatica.hu · www.numismatica.hu Nudelman Numizmatika Kft. IBAN: HU97 1040 2142 4950 5557 5453 1011 Bank connection: K&H Bank Rt. H-1051 Budapest, 18. square Kossuth Lajos SWIFT: OKHBHUHB