Terms of Sale

Consent to the terms of service is necessary in order to use the services provided by Nihon Coin Auction, and consent is automatically assumed when customers use our service. Terms and proceedings of this auction will be based on the Japanese text.
Terms and warnings regarding bidding on the floor, internet bidding, and bidding by post
1. All items listed for auction in the catalog and website have been assessed to be authentic, unless it is noted otherwise (as a fantasy item, replica etc.). No claims or returns will be entertained, even if the authenticity gets disproved eventually due to improvements in scientific technology and/or discovery of new information.
2. Notations for each of the auction items are prepared based on our inhouse assessment standards. However, buyers bear the final responsibility for their own purchases. After the auction, claims or returns based on assessment by other standards such as Professional Coin Grading System (PCGS), Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) will not be entertained.
3. Auctioning generally starts from the lowest price listed in the auction catalog or online, or from the second highest bidding from the preliminary bidding with a 4-10% price increase. The auctioneer will decide the starting price and the price range of the auction. If there are bids in the same amount, the successful bid will be that of the bidder who submitted the bid the earliest.
The auction price range will be as follows. *Fractions within the price range will be rounded down.
Less than ¥5,000: ¥200 increments. Greater than ¥5,000: ¥500 increments. Greater than ¥10,000: ¥1,000 increments
Greater than ¥50,000: ¥2,000 increments. Greater than ¥100,000: ¥5,000 increments. Greater than ¥500,000: ¥10,000 increments.
Greater than ¥1,000,000: ¥50,000 increments. Greater than ¥5,000,000: ¥200,000 increments.
Greater than ¥10,000,000: ¥500,000 increments. Greater than ¥50,000,000: ¥1,000,000 increments.
* Changes may be made depending on the progress of the auction based on the judgment of the organizer.
Price range of Internet bidding is different from above the list.Please check the Term of Use of our site(www.ncanet.co.jp/other/terms).
4. A handling fee of 10% on the successful bid price and 10% consumption tax on that handling fee will be charged in addition to the bid item.
Example) The bid price is ¥50,000.
  Bid price....................................¥50,000
  Handling fee.................................¥5,000
  Consumption tax..............................¥500
5. Mailed bids and on-line bids may not be canceled under any circumstances. For this reason, please carefully check the lot number and bid price before you make a bid.
No objections or requests for returns are accepted from bidders who win a bid as a result of making a mistake with the lot number or the bid price.
If the organizer and/or the seller incur loss as a result of a bidder’s mistake with the lot number or the bid price of his/her bid, the bidder will be charged 20% to 30% of the mistakenly entered/written bid price as compensation for loss.
6. Objections or returns of items won at auction halls are not accepted, regardless of whether there was preliminary inspection, without exception. In addition, the same applies to online bidding performed at the venue.
7. Should problems concerning the auction arise, the auctioneer has the right to make final decisions at his or her discretion.
8. The auctioneer has the right to reject or limit bids from bidders (including those who bid by post) who failed to comply with terms in past auctions.
9. Participants in the floor auction must register in advance or at reception on the day of the auction. After registering, participants will be given a bidding card (paddle) and an entry permit to the auction room. Bidders can participate in the auction by showing this bidding card. Those who do not hold an entry permit will not be allowed in the auction room or preliminary viewing room, even if they are not bidding. Online bidders will be automatically registered at the time of bidding, but those who wish to use the floor as well will be required to register a separate bidding card in advance or at reception.
10. When registering for the auction, those who are unfamiliar to our company and who we have no history of dealings will be required to submit proof of identity and a bid deposit on the day of the auction or in advanced. A copy will be made of the submitted proof of identity.
11. The bid price of an on-line bid or mailed bid can be changed only to a price higher than the upper bid price limit. A bid price cannot be changed to a price lower than the upper bid price limit.
[Changeable] Upper price limit:¥100,000. → ¥120,000.
[Unchangeable] Upper price limit:¥100,000. → ¥80,000.
To change your bid: If you made an on-line bid, change it through the website. If you made a bid through the postal service, fax or mail a written request for changing the bid price.
We do not accept verbal requests for changing a bid price.
12. We may contact you by telephone for confirmation if the registered address, name, lot number, or bidding price is unclear or illegible. Please register a phone number that can be reached on weekdays between 10:00AM and 5:00PM.
13. The following and similar bids will be invalidated, so please clearly specify the lot number and bidding price.
Example) *If ¥ △△△ bid on lot number ○○○ is unsuccessful, bid ¥ ◇◇◇ on lot number ◎◎◎ .
*Bid ¥ △△△ on lot number ○○○ or ◎◎◎ .
*Other bids in which the price is not listed clearly.
14. The organizer shall not in any way be responsible for any consequences of problems with the on-line bid process (system failure, disconnection of Internet connection, software failure, and all other problems).
When a problem cannot be solved within a certain time period, the auction will be continued only with the bidders at the venue.
15. Nihon Coin Auction will perform online proxy bidding for bids done through bidding application form. Proxy bidding through bidding application form will not be charged a commission free.
16. Please send bidding application forms as early as possible. Bids arriving after the deadline due to postal problems will be invalid, even if they are the highest bid, and the auctioneer will not be held responsible.
Payment for items won in auction
1. Payments for items won in auction must be performed within 14 days of the end of the auction.
2. Transfer fees for payments on items won in auction as well as shipping fees for the item itself will be the responsibility of the bidder. (Bank transfer fees are the responsibility of the bidder.) Payment associated with it please liguidation in Japanese Yen.
3. Please contact us if you want to pay with Paypal(info@ncanet.co.jp)
4. We do not accept any payments by check.
Delivery and return of items won in auction Items won in auction cannot be delivered on the same day as the auction. The items will be delivered using the following schedule.
1. Items won in auction will be delivered within 14 days of the end of the auction. For office pickups, be sure to call us by 4:00 PM the day following the end of the auction. Bidders who do not contact us will have their items sent by post after payment has been confirmed.
  11:00 AM - 5:00 PM at the offices of Daruma Inc.
2. When the winning bidder specifies the delivery destination as a post office (poste restante service) or a courier office (to have the item held there), the organizer shall not in any way be responsible for any trouble with receiving the item.
3. Return of items won in auction for bids performed by post or online will be accepted within 5 days of the date of arrival of the item. However, returns will not be accepted in the following cases.
*The bidder has viewed the item in advance.
*“No returns” or special conditions were listed in the auction catalog or online
*Payment was made after the deadline specified in the terms.
*Bids made by mistaken entry on the bidder’s application form.
*Grading, such as PCGS or NGC, has not been performed.
*Cracks and damage and Peeling of adhesive to the case which do not affect the coin's PCGS or NGC.
*No reason for return is written.
*The reason for return lacks legitimacy.
*Returns will not be made on any item after the specified return period has expired, no exceptions. This applies even in cases of washing, molding, repair marks, and flaws not listed in the auction catalog.
*It is difficult to present the actual impression and colors of auction items precisely by the photographs in the auction catalog or the images posted on the website; accordingly, we do not accept any objections or requests for returns based on a claim that the impression and/or colors of the actual item differ from those of its photograph or image. In addition to taking this point into account, we recommend visiting the venue to see the actual item before making a bid.
* When the price of the winning bid has been paid to the seller.
*No Chinese coin and paper money can be returned after auction, no exceptions. This applies to bids by mail or online as well (there is no established return period). Credit limits in bidding
*If online registration is complete, registrants are allowed a bid limit of ¥1,000,000.
*Those who wish to participate in auctions that have gone beyond this limit, please contact us a minimum of 3 days prior to the start of the auction.
*Changes to the limit on the day of the auction are not accepted.
*Deposits made will be returned or used for successful bids promptly after the end of the auction.

2.出品物の状態表記は弊社の基準によるものであり、最終的な判断の責任は落札者にあります。オークション終了後の PCGS、NGC、その他のグレーディング会社の判断に対しての一切の異議、返品には応じられません。
3.競売は基本的にオークションカタログまたはインターネットに掲載された最低価格又は事前入札2番札の4~ 10%上の価格から開始します。開始価格及び競売の値幅は競売人が決定します。同額の入札があった場合、受付日時の早い入札者にその応札価格にて落札となります。競売の値幅は下記の通りとなります。※ 値幅未満の端数は切り捨てて処理致します。
¥5,000 未満は¥200 刻み。¥5,000 以上は¥500 刻み。¥10,000 以上は¥1,000 刻み。¥50,000 以上は¥2,000 刻み。
¥100,000 以上は¥5,000 刻み。¥500,000 以上は¥10,000 刻み。¥1,000,000 以上は¥50,000 刻み。
¥5,000,000 以上は¥200,000 刻み。¥10,000,000 以上は¥500,000 刻み。¥50,000,000 以上は¥1,000,000 刻み。
例)落札価格¥50,000 の場合。
  落 札 価 格................................ ¥50,000
  手 数 料 ............................... ¥5,000
  消 費 税.................................. ¥500
  合 計 額............................. ¥55,500
5.郵便及びオンラインによる入札の取消はいかなる場合も不可能となりますので、応札の際にはロット番号、入札価格を慎重にご確認下さい。応札者のロット番号、応札価格の誤りによる落札につきましては一切の異議、返品は認められません。応札者のロット番号、応札価格の誤りにより主催者、出品者に損害が生じた場合は誤記入金額の20 〜30%の損害賠償金が請求される場合があります。
10. オークションへの参加登録の際に、当社と面識のない方とお取引実績がない方は当日か事前に身元証明と入札保証金が必要となります。身元証明書をご提示された際にコピーさせて頂きます。
11. オンライン及び郵便による入札金額の変更は入札上限価格の上方変更のみ可能です。入札上限価格の下方への変更は出来ません。
可=上限価格¥100,000 →¥120,000
不可=上限価格¥100,000 →¥80,000
入札価格変更はオンライン入札の場合はウェブサイト上にて、郵便入札の場合は書面にてFAX 又は郵送して下さい。口頭にての入札価格変更には応じられません。
12. 会員登録された住所氏名、ロット番号、入札価格が不鮮明、判読困難の場合は確認の為、電話をさせていただく場合があります。平日の10時~17時までにご連絡可能な電話番号を必ずご登録ください。
例) ※ ロット番号○○○番を△△△円以内で落札できなかった場合はロット番号◎◎◎番を◇◇◇円で入札。
   ※ ロット番号○○○か◎◎◎を△△△円で入札。
   ※ その他、明確な価格記載のない入札。
14. オンラインによる入札のトラブル(システム障害、インターネット接続の断線、ソフトウェアの不具合、その他)の結果について主催者は一切の責任を負いません。一定時間内にトラブルが解消しなかった場合はフロア会場のみでオークションを継続進行します。
15. 入札申込書での入札は日本コインオークションがインターネット上で代理入札を行います。入札申込書による代理入札委託料はかかりません。
16. 入札申込書は可能な限りお早めにご送付ください。郵便事情などにより締切後に到着した場合は最高値の入札でも無効となり、競売人はその責任を負いません。
1.落札品代金の支払は競売日終了より14 日以内とします。
3.PayPal でのお支払いをご希望の際はご相談下さい(info@ncanet.co.jp)。
1.落札品の受け渡しは競売日終了より14 日以内とします。オフィスでの受け渡しは必ず競売終了の翌日16 時までにお電話にてご連絡下さい。ご連絡のない落札者に関してはお支払い確認後にご郵送させていただきます。
  11:00 〜17:00 株式会社ダルマのオフィスにて
2. 落札者が送付先を郵便局留、宅配便事務所留置に指定した場合、受取トラブルが発生した際は主催者は一切の責任を負いません。
* PCGS、NGC 等のグレーディングがなされている場合。
*封入されているコインに影響のないPCGS、NGC 等のケースの亀裂、欠損。そして、接着物の剥離。
* WEB 上にて登録が完了した場合、登録者に対し一律1,000,000 円までの落札限度額が許容されます。