Terms of Sale

In accordance with current French law, the sale must be made expressly in cash. Buyers will pay the main price
of the last auction, which is 24 % with VAT per lot and regardless of the amount of the auction, in €uros. More
1,8 % with VAT for Drouot Live.
The description and states of preservation of each coin have been rigorously studied and are given in all science
and conscience. The authenticity is formally guaranteed. The evaluation bases in €uros are given according to
international courses. The weights in grams and the dimensions in millimeters are given only as an indication.
Any changes to the terms of sale or catalogue descriptions may be made and will be announced verbally at the
beginning of the sale and noted in the minutes. The indications given of the existence of a restoration or any
other incident affecting the lot are expressed to facilitate the examination of the future purchaser and remain
to its discretion. The absence of a restoration indication does not imply that an object is free of any defects
passed or repaired. The mention of any defect does not imply the absence of any other defect. No claim will be
admissible as soon as the award is handed down. Preliminary exhibitions allow buyers to see the condition of
the objects presented. It is up to the purchasers to examine the items before the sale and rely on their own
judgment to verify their compliance with the description in the catalogue.
The auction will take place in real sale room. It is not possible to bid euro by euro to respect people present
at the auction because it takes too much time. Find the steps of bids progress
From 100 to 500 € : steps 20 € by 20 €
500 to 1 000 € paliers de 50 €
1 000 to 3 000 € paliers de 100 €
3 000 to 5 000 € paliers de 200 €
5 000 to 10 000 € paliers de 500 €
10 000 to 20 000 € paliers de 1 000 €
20 000 to 50 000 € paliers de 2 000 €
The auction will be made using a numbered paddle that will be given to the bidder before the sale at the time
of registration of his identity. To facilitate the presentation of the items sold, the photographs will be projected
on screens accompanied by the increase in auctions and the conversion of currencies. Technical malfunction
(presentation of an object different from the current auction, for example) cannot be held responsible. The
auctioneer is the only judge to start the auction again. The order of the catalogue will be followed. In order to
find your collection theme and the ranking of the coins, it is advisable to refer to the summary. The sale will be
conducted in €uros. Auctions start, according to our custom, at a figure representing around 80% of the low
estimate. However, the auction price resulting from the auction may be between the starting price and the
high estimate, and the high estimate, and most of the time exceed the latter. The order of progress of the
auction is set by the auctioneer authorized to direct the auction
The bidder will be the highest bidder and last bidder. He will have an obligation to hand over his name and
address. The auction house PHIDIAS will consider that the bidder present at the sale is solely responsible for
the auctions carried, even if the auction is acting on behalf of a third party, unless a written warrant specifies
otherwise. In the event of a challenge at the time of the auctions, i.e. if it is established that two or more
bidders simultaneously made an equivalent bid, either aloud, by sign or any other means, and at the same time
claiming this item after the pronounced « sold » the item will be immediately put back on sale at the last price
offered by the bidders and any public will then be allowed to re-auction.
The transfer of ownership will be effective once the award has been awarded, with the awardee becoming fully
responsible for the purchased lots or lots. The French state has a right of pre-emption on objects dispersed in
accordance with the existing texts. The exercise of this right comes immediately after the hammer blow, with
the representative of the state demonstrating the latter’s desire to replace the last bidder, and having to
confirm the pre-emption within 15 days of the sale. The PHIDIAS auction house cannot be held responsible for
the conditions of the pre-emption.
The persons who have never participated in our sales must provide a valid RIB and ID. The purchase order or
telephone auction stakes are an easy facility. The
PHIDIAS auction house or the expert cannot be held responsible for any error or omission in their executions or
for any other cause. The client « gives a mandate » to the expert or auctioneer on his or her behalf. He is asked
to verify that his order has been recorded. Any request for bids by phone or internet will have to be confirmed.
Your bid form must be issued, no later than the day before the sale, either by hand, by mail or by email:
vinchon@wanadoo.fr ou courrier@phidias-paris.fr.
Telephone bids during the sale +33 (0)6 52 04 24 14 will only be accepted in case of force majeure and for bids
in excess of 500 €uros. Any order by phone presupposes a purchase order equal to the low estimate plus an
auction. However, we recommend that you provide a maximum limit for each lot so that we can bid for you in
case we cannot reach you or in the event of a communication interruption.
Bidders will be required to complete the « bid form » in this catalogue, send it and keep a photocopy. To
complete this form : it is recommended to wear your initial choice with a limit of €uros for each number and an
overall budget, to check the numbers chosen and to indicate replacement numbers in order to obtain a
minimum of satisfaction. For example : selecting 10 numbers to get only 2 or 3 depending on your budget.
The contents of the purchase orders received are never disclosed. In the case of identical orders on the same
lot and for the same amount, the order arrived first will be preferred over the others (the date of arrival is
authentic). The signatory agrees to acquire the lots assigned to him and to make the payment in cash and at
the first request by choosing one of the payment and delivery methods described on the slip (check the
corresponding boxes). A detailed acquisition slip will be sent to buyers. The sale is deemed all taxes (without
recoverable VAT).
It will be possible to follow and view the sale and bid live. Live auctions, at no additional cost, are conducted
through DROUOTONLINE.COM which is a technical platform for remote and electronic participation in public
auctions or through AUCTION.FR.
The user wishing to participate in the auction by these means will read and accept, without reservation, the
terms of use of this provider are available on www.drouotonline.com
Pre-registration and validation will be required before bidding. At the latest and generally, the closing is two
hours before the start of the sale. It is therefore recommended to register well before this deadline. During the
sale, a necessary time will be given to potential bidders to come forward. However, in order not to slow down
the sale, we advise you not to delay in bidding so that they are taken into account in the sale room.
The payment must be made immediately after the sale:
- in cash (€) up to an amount of 1000 €uros or less taxes included for individuals with his tax domicile in France
and for persons acting in the course of their activity professional Paris - Palais Brongniart - Mercredi 23 et Jeudi
24 juin 2021 5
- in cash (€) up to an amount of 15,000 euros or less included fees and taxes for the individual justifying that he
does not have a tax domicile in France and that he does not act in the course of his professional activity.
- by bank cheque (French bank) in €uros at the order of PHIDIAS, with mandatory presentation of a valid ID.
- by credit card (Visa, Mastercard) including bank fees for cashing.
- by bank transfer in euros to the order of PHIDIAS, including in the amount of the slip the exchange fee and
bank fees.
Bidders wishing to pay their purchases by transfer will have to pay an additional disbursement of 20 €uros. It is
advisable for the awardees to submit their instructions as soon as possible and to proceed with the removal of
their lots as soon as possible. As soon as the award is handed down, the purchases are entirely the
responsibility of the awardee. The awardee will be required to have its purchases insured at the auction.
PHIDIAS auction house or the expert cannot be held responsible. No prizes will be given to the purchasers
before the full payment of the sums owed. Unfamiliar persons will be required to provide their bank references
and in the event of a cheque payment, delivery may be deferred until cashing. Shipping costs to France or
abroad are the responsibility of the purchaser.
Non-resident purchasers will only be able to have their purchases delivered after payment by bank transfer
established in €UROS including foreign exchange and transfer fees and absolutely to the address of the client or
bidder. Foreign cheques are not allowed. Buyers wishing to export their purchases will have to let them know
by the day of the sale. They will be able to recover VAT on the purchase fee provided that a proper customs
voucher is given to PHIDIAS auction house and that the name of PHIDIAS is mentioned as an exporter.
Buyer fees may be refunded to non-resident buyers of the European Union who export the acquired goods. To
obtain the refund, the affected buyers will have to express their wish to be refunded VAT before the sale. The
refund cannot be made by the accounting department upon presentation of the customs export document
covered by customs.
A certificate of cultural property issued by the Directorate of Museums of France may be essential to move a
property within the European community. It must be accompanied by an export licence for non-EEC countries.
This formality requires an additional delivery time.
Failing to pay the total amount of money owed by the awardee, after a single unsuccessful notice, the property
is put back on sale at the request of the seller on the auction of the defaulting bidder. If the seller does not
make this claim within three months of the auction, the sale is resolved as of right, without prejudice to
damages due by the defaulting bidder. In addition, PHIDIAS auction house reserves the right to claim interest
from the defaulting bidder at the legal rate, the reimbursement of all costs incurred for the recovery of the
sums owed by it, as well as the payment of the difference between the auction price and the
auction price on « folle enchères », if it is lower, as well as the costs generated by the new auctions.
ONLY THE TEXT IN FRENCH terms of sale and execution of purchase order is valid