Terms of Sale

Conditions of sale
Participation in the auction requires the following
1. The auction takes place on behalf of and for
the account of the owners, and it is organised
and conducted by the Coin Art Kft. and Via
2. All items can be viewed and examined during
the time of the exhibition. Descriptions of the
items are given in good faith. The items will be
auctioned with the indication of their errors
and grading. Justified complaints (discovering
a serious error e.g. a trace of mounting,
a hole plugged, a solder mark, which are not
indicated in the catalogue) can only be considered
within eight days from the receipt
of the items. All buyers in the room buy the
lots “as viewed”. The auctioneer is entitled to
group, separate or omit lots.
3. The authenticity of every coin and medal is
guaranteed by the Ltds.
4. All prices are in Euro. The prices printed in
the catalogue are starting prices at the same
time, and bids below these minimum prices
cannot be accepted. The bidding increment is
about 10% as a rule. The adjudication ensues
after the highest bid has been called three
times. In disputable cases, e.g. if the identity
of the bidder is not definite, or a higher bid is
ignored, the auctioneer decides whether a lot
is to be put again or not.
5. Numbered discs: before the auction numbered
discs will be distributed. Personal data
of the buyers are temporarily stored in the
computer together with these numbers. It is
required for the immediate receipt of invoice
service and for avoiding misunderstandings.
During the auction numbered discs serve for
bidding. Every buyer is liable for his purchases.
He cannot claim to act for a third
person. We remind the buyers to return the
discs personally after the auction whether
the bidder was successful or not.
Participating in the auction is possible by
mail bidding, or through telephone during
the time of the auction. Mail bidding is executed
by the Ltd. Bidders unknown to the
Ltd. are requested to produce deposit or authorised
bank cheques.
6. The buyer is obliged to take the items and pay
for them after the adjudication. Every buyer is
liable for all his purchases he made.
7. An additional charge of 20% is added to the
adjudication price. Purchase price consists
of the adjudication price and the additional
8. Buyers are requested to pay immediately after
the auction in cash. The exclusive right of the
lot is due to the buyer with the payment settled.
In agreement with the buyer the Ltd.
is entitled to accept a 20% of payment as a
down-money if the rest of the payment is
made within 14 days after the auction. In this
case the sole right of the item(s) is due to the
buyer only after making the full payment. In
case of written bids or those made over the
phone, payments should be made within 14
days after the receipt of the invoice either in
our office in cash or by remittance.
The Ltd. is entitled to levy an additional
charge of 10% in interest for default in payment.
To the attention of our foreign buyers.
9. To the professional dealers all the customary
rights and advantages are ensured by the Ltd.
10. All the catalogue numbers with the exception
of those which are marked as “védett”
(under protection) can be taken out of the
country with the invoice given by the Ltd.,
which serves as an export licence at the same
time. The coins acquired can be despatched
at the risk and cost of the buyer.
11. We are ready to given information on the
items in advance too. Withdrawal of any
kind should be made in written form. Only
the Hungarian text is legal force. The court
of competency for any legal proceedings is
Pannonia Terra Numizmatika
Coin Art Kft.
Via GmbH