Terms of Sale

Conditions of sale
These general conditions, which are also available on the website www.maison-palombo.com , are deemed to be accepted without reserve by all and any person attending the auction sale or taking part to the auction sale. The general conditions may be amended orally or in writing by Cabinet Numismatique Maison Palombo ; such amendment would be referred to in the minutes of the auction sale. The French version of these general conditions shall prevail.

1. Checking the goods and mandatory registration:
Potential buyers are required to check the goods put up at auction prior to the sale, notably during the exhibition preceding the sale. Any potential buyer must register with Maison Palombo prior to the beginning of the auction sale by filing and signing a questionnaire and by showing his/her identity card or passport. The potential buyer will then receive from Cabinet Numismatique Maison Palombo a
personal identification number allowing to bid during the auction. The potential buyer will be responsible for all damages resulting from any misstatement in the questionnaire.
Maison Palombo will refuse granting the access to the auction sale for potential buyers who will not have duly filed and signed the registration questionnaire or who will have not provided Maison Palombo with a valid identity card or passport.
Maison Palombo reserves the right to refuse the access to the auction sale to anybody for due reasons.

2. Representation:
Bidders are deemed to act in their own name; they are personally liable to the payment of the purchase price, of all costs, taxes and commissions in relation with the goods they purchase. Bidders may however act in the name of a third party, subject to the condition that their powers are documented through a proxy duly signed by the third party and that the latter has been identified and accepted by
Maison Palombo.

3. Guarantee of Maison Palombo:
Descriptions given in this catalogue are given in good faith. The authenticity of all coins is guaranteed for the total purchase price, but we are no more responsible for the quality or authenticity of slabbed lots if the slab is broken.
The population-numbers of PCGS and NGC slabbed-coins are those at the time of writing the catalog.

4. Bidding:
The prices in the catalogue are starting prices. The sale shall follow the sequence shown in the catalogue, but the auctioneer keeps the discretionary right to change the sequence shown in the catalogue and/or to split or join any goods and/or lots.
The auctioneer also keeps the discretionary right to withdraw any good or lot from the auction sale, and/or to interrupt the auction sale. The bid made by a bidder is irrevocable and definitive. It may not be withdrawn.

5. Auctioning:
The prices are in swiss francs. The highest bid gets the auction. Maison Palombo may accept executing bid orders that will have been received by Maison Palombo before the auction sale in writing. Where several bid orders have been received for the same good or lot at the same amount, the first bid order shall prevail. In case of litigation between two bidders, the auctioneer may cancel the sale for the
good or for the lot concerned and to put it immediately up for auction at the price offered by the above mentioned bidders, any attendee being entitled to bid again.
Risks and profits will be transferred to bidder upon auctioning. However, title passes to bidder only when the good or lot purchased is remitted to bidder and when the full payement is settled by bidder.

6. Payment:
Any bidder commits to settle personally the auction price, as well as all and any cost to be borne by bidder, as well as all taxes due in connection with the auction sale. In addition to the auction price, bidder will have to remit Maison Palombo a 22.5% commission on the auction price. Should the good or lot purchased be delivered within the swiss territory, a 7.7% swiss VAT will also be due on the
auction price and on the commission as far as bank notes, medals and pieces in platinum, silver, brass and any non-VAT exempt alloy are concerned.
The settlement of auction price, costs, taxes and commission to Maison Palombo is due immediately upon delivery or prior to the shipment of the good or of the lot concerned, in cash, and in swiss francs. The auctioneer may levy a 1% monthly interest on all amount still due after the delivery or after the shipment of the good or lot purchased. Any taxes due abroad, including but not limited to customs duties and taxes are to be fully borne buy bidder. Bidder must comply with any customs regulations, foreign currency exchange regulations and any other regulations abroad. Maison Palombo has no responsibility whatsoever for any
damage resulting from the breach of such regulations. Maison Palombo accepts no responsibility for any damage, including damages resulting from the action or inaction of employees and contractors.

7. The "droit de disposer du bien culturel" is established in avance of the auction by Maison Palombo, so bidders will not be able to request any document whatsoever from them.

8. Governing law and jurisdiction
All disputes and differences will be settled under swiss laws, not including private international laws, before the Geneva courts, whatever the country or place of residence of the parties.