Terms of Sale

Auction Organiser
AUREA Numismatika a.s., Korunni 73, 130 00 Praha 3, ICO: 04447646, organising auction on behalf of the owners of materials for sale according to Law No. 26/2000 Sb. – About Public Auctions. Any person bidding is deemed to have agreed to these Terms and Conditions.

Auction participants
Only natural persons and legal entities with the capacity to perform legal acts, who/which are registered on the LiveBid.cz system, who/which have supplied all the required details and whose registration has been approved by the administrator are entitled to take part in an auction. Once logged in, registered bidders can set limits for specific lots in an auction via the LiveBid.cz system, or can bid in real time in the live auction.

How the auctions work
Each auction starts on a set date and at a set time. Only registered bidders who/which have logged in can bid for lots auctioned. Auctions are held in Czech crowns and bidding starts from the opening bid or from the next bid up from the highest bid placed online. The bid amounts are set in a bidding table. Auctions are held anonymously; bidders make bids online by clicking on the "Place bid" button. Bidding continues until a highest bid is obtained and the gavel falls. Once the gavel falls, successful bidders are bound by their bids. If the reserve price has not been reached in the bidding, the lot remains unsold. The auction ends when the last lot is auctioned off.

Paying for lots
Successful bidders are required to pay the full price bid, including the 20 % auction surcharge. Lots successfully bid for can be paid for in cash in the AUREA Numismatika salesroom, by bank transfer or by other agreed means. Lots successfully bid for can be picked up in person from the AUREA Numismatika salesroom, posted off following prior payment by bank transfer or credit or debit card, sent "collect on delivery", or by other agreed means. The form of payment and method of collection of lots successfully bid for must be specified under "My Account" - "Payment and delivery settings".

In all coins, medals and other items, we guarantee the authenticity and accuracy of the text or description in the catalogue. People, who are bidding in the auction room and have a chance to view the auctioned materials, will not be able to raise queries later. If the successful bidder has a query about an item, it must be made on the same day. Genuine queries will be accepted. Multiple queries cannot be accepted. For written bids when the buyer is not happy with the item, query must be made within 3 days of receiving an item.

Closing conditions
Foreign members of Auction must respect current exchange rates, tax and customs laws of Czech republic and their own country. Any legal proceedings will be dealt with in Prague and under Czech law. The details of the Auction law can be found on the internet.