Terms of Sale

The starting prices and hammer prices will be in (€) Euros, as will all payments for purchases made.

The starting price is the minimum price for which each lot may be awarded; no bids lower than this amount will be accepted. All bids will be made in Euros (€) for whole-euro amounts.

TAULER Y FAU S.L. ensures the authenticity of all the lots that appear at the auction, unless otherwise indicated. All auction lots will come with a certificate of authenticity (exclusively digital) issued by TAULER Y FAU S.L., that you can download in your “My Account” panel.

Every participant in the auction is personally responsible for the bids made in the auction. The auctioneer is not responsible for any mistakes in bidding.

We make bid submission services, telephone bidding, and our online bidding system available in real-time for clients who prefer these methods.

All lots are sold at the lowest possible price, with bid submissions taking precedence over bids made in person. In the event of a tie between bid submissions, priority will be given to the one received first.

The bidding stages during live auctions will be as follows:

An increment of 5€ applies up to 100€.
An increment of 10€ applies up to 300€.
An increment of 20€ applies up to 500€.
An increment of 50€ applies up to 1.000€.
An increment of 100€ applies up to 3.000€.
An increment of 200€ applies up to 5.000€.
An increment of 250€ applies up to 10.000€.
An increment of 500€ applies up to 20.000€.
An increment of 1.000€ applies up to 50.000€.
An increment of 2.500€ applies up to 70.000€.
An increment of 5.000€ applies up to 100.000€.
An increment of 10.000€ applies from 100.000€ up.
TAULER Y FAU S.L. will not be held responsible for any interruption to online participation due to force majeure or faults attributable to third parties.

The buyer will pay the hammer price plus a buyer’s premium of 18%, for auction fees, unless otherwise specified. Insurance and shipping costs will be paid by the buyer. See shipping policy.

The invoice amount must be paid within a maximum of 20 days from receipt of the invoice.

TAULER Y FAU S.L. reserves the right to cancel the sale and dispose of the lots and/or claim the amount due in court, as well as any damages caused.

In the event that the pieces acquired have some defect not described in the catalog (except those belonging to mixed lots or F.N.M.T. cartridges, for which returns or claims will not be accepted), the buyer may return them within a maximum of 7 days from the date of receiving the shipment. Any discrepancy in the degree of conservation will not be considered sufficient reason for a return. Any piece returned must be in the same condition as it was delivered.

Returns must be requested by e-mail at info@tauleryfau.com or by phone +34 914 221 444.

TAULER Y FAU S.L. reserves the right of admission, as well as the right to decline any bid submission that may upset the ordinary course of the auction. TAULER Y FAU S.L. will have the power to cancel, reunite, or alter the sale order of any lots that it deems appropriate.

All new clients who wish to participate in TAULER Y FAU S.L. auctions must provide trade references and collateral.

In accordance with Law 16/85 of June 25 on Spanish Historical Heritage, an export license must be requested for pieces more than 100 years old.

If the buyer resides in a country outside the European Union, they must take responsibility for the export tax stipulated in that law (click here for more information). Under no circumstances will shipments be sent until the aforementioned export permits are made available.

The estimated time for issuance of the export licenses will be approximately 2 to 3 weeks. This deadline may vary because it depends exclusively on the Ministry of Culture of the Spanish Government.

In addition, it is the buyer’s responsibility to observe the customs and exchange regulations in effect in Spain. The auction organizers take no responsibility for any consequences that may arise from not observing these provisions.

Participation in the auction implies absolute, inalienable acceptance of these terms.

The text that binds the parties taking part in the auction is published in Spanish; supplementary texts will be subject to the original in Spanish. Tacit submission to the Courts and Tribunals of the Capital of Madrid is established for any litigation or issue arising from the auction or the interpretation of these terms.