Terms of Sale

1. The following terms and conditions apply to bidders of all auctions held by Oslo Myntgalleri AS. By making a bid, the bidder agrees to our terms and conditions and accepts to be bound by them. The auction is open to the public and all participation is voluntary.
Unless otherwise stated, there will be more than one consignor. Lots marked with a small x behind the lot number are consigned by Oslo Myntgalleri AS or by the main shareholders of Oslo Myntgalleri AS.

2. It is the duty of the auctioneer to give accurate and honest descriptions of all objects.
Unless otherwise stated, all items are guaranteed authentic and from the period as described. There is no expiration time to this guarantee.

3. All items are sold in the condition as described in the catalogue and shown prior to the auction. All bidders should appraise and inspect the items prior to the auction.
Consequently, complaints about grades and quality of the items will not be accepted. This restriction to complaints also applies to absentee bidders.

4. All bids are binding, and bidders must be of legal capacity, i.e., at least 18 years old.

5. Written pre-bids must be delivered to the auctioneer in due time before the auction.
Telephone bidding is only accepted for lots with starting prices above NOK 5000, -. All clients must make preliminary agreements with Oslo Myntgalleri at least 24 hours before the auction starts.

6. Although the auction is to be conducted carefully, the auctioneer is not responsible for possible mistakes or misunderstandings on the part of the buyer.

7. The auctioneer may refuse to accept bids from a person unknown or without proper references. Foreign customers should register several days prior to the auction date in order to be accepted as bidders.

8. The auctioneer has the right to deny a person to take part in the auction. He may also withdraw, rearrange or divide items. In case of disagreements during auction, the auctioneer may restart bidding one or more lots in order to settle a dispute.

9. Agents bidding on behalf of clients are fully responsible for settling the payment of any purchased items. The auctioneer may hold both agent and third-party clients responsible for unsettled payments.

10. All bids are given in Norwegian kroner and all items are sold to the highest bidder. In case of identical bids, the first bid will be prioritized. In case of identical bids from the Room and Internet, the Room bids will be prioritized.

11. Graded coins and banknotes: We do not give any warranty for the authenticity or possible defects on graded coins in slabs and other holders from third party companies.

12. The prices in the catalogue are minimum prices and lower bids will not be accepted. A buyer’s premium of 20 % is added to the hammer price of each item. On medals sold to foreign customers, the buyer’s premium is 25 %. All coins and banknotes that are or havebeen legal tender are exempted from VAT in Norway. 25 % VAT is added to the buyer’s premium on medals when picked up in Norway. Lots that are subjected to VAT is marked with * by the end of the lot number. Please note that the auctioneer is not responsible for additional import VAT issued by authorities in other countries.
Domestic shipments are sent with registered mail with tracking at a minimum charge of NOK 175, -. All international shipments will be sent with DHL or Fedex at a minimum price of NOK 490, -. Successful bidders may also to pick up their won lots at our offices in Oslo and Haugesund. Oslo Myntgalleri is not responsible for shipments that are lost due to wrong or insufficient address information provided by the buyer.

13. All payments must be done in NOK (Norwegian Krone). The sale is completed upon receipt of payment, at the latest 7 days after the bidder has received the invoice. In the case of later payment, 1 % interest is added at the beginning of every month. The buyer is responsible for paying all bank charges and shipping and insurance costs. If payment has not been received within 30 days after the auction, the auctioneer reserves the right to sell any unpaid item(s) if necessary. The auctioneer alone will decide how such sale is conducted and
the sale will always be at the risk/cost of the original buyer. Such sales may take place without further notice and the original buyer is responsible for any economic loss due to lost commission or reduced sale price.

14. Payments in cash cannot exceed NOK 39.999,00 pr. customer, ref Norwegian Anti-Money Laundering Act § 4 a.

15. The property right of purchased lots do not pass over to the buyer before the invoice is fully paid. The risk in the lot passes over to the buyer when buyer takes physical possession of the lot.

16. All Norwegian coins made before 1538, with a few exceptions, are not allowed to be exported out of Norway. Lots with such restrictions will be marked on our bidding platform.
The auctioneer is not responsible for packages held or delayed at customs due to local foreign customs regulations.

17. Consignors will be paid 4-6 weeks after the auction.

18. Complaints about the auctioneer or the consignor must be raised in written form within 14 days after the auction. Specific complaints about any sold items must be raised within 7 days upon delivery. Objections cannot be raised for items that that are left unpaid 30 days after the auction. Complaints regarding the grading and quality of any sold item will not be accepted as these are based of the best judgement of the auctioneer. This rule does not apply to questions regarding the authenticity of any item.

19. All legal disputes or claims arising out of these terms and conditions shall be governed by and constructed in accordance with the law of Norway.

20. We may amend these terms and conditions from time to time.