Terms of Sale

This is an English translation of the Swedish version of Condition of Sales. In case of dispute only the Swedish version of the present Conditions of Sales of Myntauktioner i Sverige AB is valid.

By participating in the auction, bidders and buyers are obliged to follow terms of sales as specified below.

All items prepared for sale will be available to view at FRIMYNT, Saturday 13 April 11:00-17:00.
Teknikhallen/Olympia Helsingborg

Placed bids are binding. Myntauktioner i Sverige AB is entitled to disregard bids for any reason considered to be unreliable. Bidders unknown to the auctioneer are kindly asked to give references prior to the commencement of the auction. The auctioneer has the sole right in all decisions regarding performance of the auction. In case of identical bids or any conflicts the auctioneer has the sole right to decide if the bids shall be taken up or not. Bids by telephone can only be accepted after separate agreement.

The estimates indicated in the catalogue are given in Swedish crowns (SEK) and are to be regarded as minimum prices. Thus no lots can be sold below the prices indicated.

A buyers premium of 18,75% (15%+VAT) on the hammer price will be added to each object.

When paying by credit card, a fee of 2.2% on Swedish cards and 2.5% on foreign cards will be added. We do not accept payment by American Express, Diners, Euro checks or payment by foreign checks. As of 1 August 2010, a new law applies that
does not allow fees to be charged for card purchases. Myntauktioner i Sverige AB are exempt from this law, as we fall under the Commission Act (2009: 865). The maximum cash amount that we accept as auction proceeds is SEK 50,000 (SEK). When purchasing as a result of a written bid, payment must be made within ten days of the buyer receiving payment instructions with information on the total amount and shipping costs. The ownership of won objects is transferred to the buyer only after he has paid full payment. In the event of delay in payment, Myntauktioner i Sverige AB has the right to either cancel the purchase or hand over the case for collection. Until cancellation or payment has taken place, default interest is paid at a monthly interest rate of one (1) percent on the amount in question at any given time. Written bidders who wish to pay via Paypal must, upon receipt of the invoice, express this request via e-mail to finance@myntauktioner.se. When paying via Paypal, a fee of 5% of the invoice total will be added. The maximum amount for payment via
Paypal is SEK 20,000 (SEK).

All objects are sold in present condition just as they are. It is incumbent on the buyer prior to the auction and by means of the buyers own examination of condition and authenticity. Lots including more than one object could have defects not remarked in the auction catalogue.
Information given in this catalogue serves only as a guide for the buyer in connection with examination of the objects. The auctioneer is not liable for incorrect information was provided as a result of gross negligence. Notification of defects must be given immediately, latest three weeks after the purchase.

Disputes in connection to the auction shall be settled in accordance with Swedish law and the District Court of Stockholm shall be the court of first instance.