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E-Sale 29  27 August 2016
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Octavian AR Denarius. Cyrenaica, 31 BC. Open right hand; SCARPVS above, IMP below / Victory standing right on globe; CAESARI downwards on right, DIVI F downwards on left. Crawford 546/7; RIC 534; RSC 414. 2.61g, 20mm, 12h.

Fine. Chipped, cabinet toning. Extremely Rare with the shortened legends, and known from only one obverse die.

From the Andrew McCabe Collection.

According to Crawford, this coin represents the last denarius of the Roman Republic. L. Pinarius Scarpus commanded four legions for Marc Antony in Cyrenaica against Octavian's African army, which was under the command of Cornelius Gallus. After learning of Antony's defeat at Actium, Scarpus changed his allegiance to Octavian. This issue was struck shortly after the battle of Actium, the open hand signalizing a gesture of friendship toward Octavian.
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