Terms of Use

  1. By registering on the site or by using any of the features on the site, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use.

  2. NumisBids acts as an informational platform only and has no responsibility for the items offered by individual auction firms. Therefore, NumisBids makes no claims of authenticity and cannot guarantee the accuracy of descriptions, grades, or photos for any auction lots offered.

  3. Bids placed through NumisBids are a contract between the bidder and the seller (the auction firm). This relationship is governed solely by the terms of sale for each auction. NumisBids will not participate in arbitrating disputes between buyers and sellers.

  4. Information accessed from the Service may not be stored or harvested using automated means.

  5. Users may not access the Service in a way that causes undue burden or harm to the Service’s systems or a degradation of performance for other users. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of any software or device that interferes with the Service’s systems and affects the normal operation of the site.

  6. Access to this site may be limited or blocked at the sole discretion of NumisBids, LLC. We may modify or discontinue any features at any time.

  7. NumisBids, LLC operates the Service as a “best effort” service. Users understand that the distributed nature of the Internet leads to the possibility of faults outside the control of NumisBids, LLC. Therefore, NumisBids, LLC cannot guarantee continuous availability of the Service to all users at all times. However, it will make every best effort to limit downtime and rectify problems in a timely manner to ensure accessibility by users.

  8. All externally-generated source material available through the Service is used by permission. Any copyright, where applicable, remains with the original holders.

  9. NumisBids, LLC does not guarantee the accuracy of any data provided by the Service. This data is provided “as-is”. When notified of the existence of data errors or software bugs affecting the Service, NumisBids, LLC will make every best effort to rectify them. However, NumisBids, LLC cannot take responsibility for the correctness of data provided by external sources.

  10. NumisBids, LLC will not be liable for any damages resulting from or connected to the use of the Service.

  11. The purpose of is to provide information about auctions and products that are interesting for its visitors. NumisBids, LLC does not specifically endorse the companies or products that are displayed on, or linked to, the site. In addition, no endorsement of NumisBids by the companies is implied.

  12. You agree that auction houses may check your credit/payment history with any references you've provided in your NumisBids registration.

  13. Email policy: NumisBids does not send unsolicited bulk email. Rather, we send emails to users on request and in direct response to certain activities on the site. These "transactional" emails are generated in response to activities such as user registrations, bid sheet submissions, and relevant auction-related events. Some email notifications, such as Want List matches, are sent periodically on a fixed schedule. Users may turn off email notifications at any time. NumisBids reserves the right to disable user accounts in the case of spurious spam complaints.

  14. NumisBids, LLC reserves the right to modify these Terms of Service at any time. Any such changes will posted immediately to this page and will take effect when posted.

  15. Any legal action or claim relating to or arising from the Terms of Service or services provided by NumisBids, LLC shall be brought in the Clark County, Nevada Courts or the U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada; claimants will submit themselves to the personal jurisdiction of these courts for this purpose, consent to service of process by registered or certified mail, and waive any contrary provisions of Articles 14 or 15 of the French Civil Code and any similar provisions in any jurisdiction. The Terms of Service will be governed by those laws of Nevada which are applicable to agreements which are made, and which are to be fully performed, within Nevada. In any dispute regarding NumisBids, LLC’s services, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover its reasonable costs and attorney fees.

 Privacy Policy

NumisBids, LLC respects the privacy of its users. This Privacy Policy outlines the data we collect and how we store, use, and share it.

Personal Data Collection and Usage

We collect various types of information about users. Most of this information is supplied to us voluntarily by our users, while other data is captured through automated means.

Personal information provided to us by users includes their name, email address, phone number, postal address, and details of business references. This information is required to create an account on NumisBids and to participate in auctions that we present on behalf of third-party auction houses.

We store this data so that we can:

  • Provide it to auction houses with whom users choose to place bids
  • Contact users for account or reference verification purposes
  • Contact users for marketing purposes, if allowed by their contact preferences
  • Keep our site safe from abusive users through security monitoring
  • Carry out contractual duties for our clients, such as billing and statistical analysis

We also collect information via routine system monitoring (i.e., logging). This includes users’ IP addresses, browser type, language preferences, and browsing history on NumisBids.

We store this data so that we can:

  • Track system performance
  • Improve the site experience for users
  • Perform security audits
  • Provide our advertisers with general information about user behavior

Data Storage and Retention

All personal data we collect is stored on our servers in the US in a secure datacenter. In addition, we have contracted with data backup providers to store offsite copies of the data using their infrastructure. We make every effort to ensure that the personal data of our users is secure from unauthorized access.

We retain personal data as long as necessary to provide services to our registered users and to fulfill contracts with our auction house clients.

Data Sharing

Personal information we gather is shared with:

  • Our auction house partners with whom users have explicitly placed bids
  • Professional service providers performing contracted tasks for us (such as accounting, legal, or systems administration jobs)

In the event that we suspect fraudulent or otherwise unlawful activity, or when we receive lawful requests, we reserve the right to supply your information to law enforcement agencies.

To help ensure the integrity of bids placed through NumisBids, users agree that any references they have provided in their NumisBids registration may be consulted by auction houses with whom they place bids. Accordingly, users grant permission to these references to release information regarding their creditworthiness.

Your Rights

Data protection laws give users a number of rights regarding personal information we collect. These rights differ from one jurisdiction to another. Among these, users may:

  • Unsubscribe from our emails at any time
  • Request that we disable their NumisBids account
  • Request additional information about our privacy policy

Last update: 2 December 2018