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CCE Signature Sale 3054  7-8 April 2017
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Estimate: 35 000 USD
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Claudius I (AD 41-54). AV aureus (20mm, 7.71 gm, 6h). NFC Choice XF 4/5 - 4/5, edge marks. Rome, AD 49-50. TI CLAVD CAESAR · AVG P · M · TR · P · VIIII IMP · XVI, laureate head of Claudius right / S P Q R P P · OB CS in four lines within oak wreath (Corona Civica). RIC 48. BMCRE 54. Cohen 88. Calicó 381. Perfectly centered, struck from dies of pleasing style, and possessing an attractive reddish coloration.From the Michael Gasvoda Collection (NAC 86, 8 October 2015), lot 115.A childhood illness left the young Claudius with a limp, a stammer, and other uncouth qualities that made him the black sheep of the Julio-Claudian dynasty. While these problems barred him from a political career, such exclusion also granted him immunity from the family's murderous intrigues. Upon Caligula's assassination in January, AD 41, Claudius was the sole surviving Julio-Claudian male and, when members of the Praetorian Guard found him cowering behind a curtain in the palace, they immediately acclaimed him as Emperor. Once installed in power, Claudius surprised everyone by ruling with intelligence and moderation. Like his predecessor Caligula, Claudius was awarded the Corona Civica, an oak wreath crown, for saving the lives of his fellow citizens. Ironically Caligula had been given the award soon after his accession, during his brief "honeymoon" with the Senate and people, for "saving" the Roman populace from the bloody tyranny of Tiberius. Claudius in turn received it for rescuing the citizenry from the murderous Caligula! Like Caligula, Claudius chose to display the Corona Civica on his bronze, silver and gold coinage. The beautiful aureus seen here combines an uncommonly realistic and detailed portrait of Claudius with a beautiful rendition of the oak crown.

Estimate: 35000-45000 USD
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