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CCE Signature Sale 3054 Online Sess  10 April 2017
Presale bidding closes in 11 days 2 hr 24 min

1993 Hawaii Sovereign 5 Coin First gold Proof Set #194/#400, 1) One Ounce KM-XMB902) 1/2 Ounce KM-XMB893) 1/4 Ounce KM-XMB884) 1/10 Ounce KM-XMB875) 1/20 Ounce KM-XMB86This set was issued in 1993 by the Royal Hawaiian Mint and the coins have been in the acrylic since they were minted. No evidence exists of anyone ever removing the coins from the plastic casing as the coins are non-cloudy superlative frosted mirrored gem proofs. In addition the acrylic doesn't have a single scratch on the casing. Obverse : depicts a statue of King Kamehameha. Reverse : portrays a two masted war canoe with other frosted features. Set includes COA # 193 the original velvet lined box and the mint packaging. 1.9 Oz. AGW.

Estimate: 2400-3000 USD
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