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Auction 105  10 May 2017
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Lot 1081

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Estimate: 1000 USD
Price realized: 1300 USD

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ISLAMIC, Mongols. Great Khans. Chingiz (Genghis). AH 602-624 / AD 1206-1227. AR Dirhem (17mm, 3.03 g, 6h). Ghazna (Ghazni) mint. Undated, struck circa AH 617/8 (AD 1221/2). The just/The great/Chingiz Khan in Arabic in three lines; border of large pellets between two lines / al-Nasir/al-Din Allah/Commander of the faithful in Arabic in three lines; border of small pellets between two lines. Zeno dies A3/B2; Nyamaa 2; Tye 327; SICA 9, 1007 (same dies); SNA Tübingen XIVd, 646 (same dies); Album 1967; ICV 1941. Good VF, toned.

This is the sole silver coin type bearing the name of Chingiz Khan. It was apparently a long-lived issue, evidenced by a declining silver quality, from fine silver to nearly bronze. Good silver issues, as the present coin, are fairly rare. The obverse has the titles and name of Chingiz, while the reverse has the name and title of the reigning Abbasid caliph. The striking date of this issue is based on SICA 9, with the commentary that these coins are "believed to have been struck at Ghazna during the Mongol pursuit of Jalal al-Din Khwarizmshah in [AH] 617-618."
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