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Auction 37  16 May 2017
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ALEXANDER, 912-913
Mint of Constantinopolis

Solidus 912/913.

Obv. +IhS XPS RЄX RЄÇnAnTIЧm Christ, with cross nimbus, throning facing and wearing pallium and colobium. His r. hand raised in benediction, book of Gospels in l. hand.ддддддRev. +ALЄXAnd – ROS AЧÇЧSTOS Rom Crowned figure of Alexander standing facing, wearing divitision and loros, in r. hand globus cruciger; his l. hand is extended to St. Alexander on r. who stands ¾ facing to l., wearing pallium and colobium. He crowns the emperor with his r. hand and holds cross in l. hand.

Sear 1737. DOC 2.

4.36 g. Extremely rare. About very fine.

Ex Auction SINCONA 20. Zurich, October 2014. Lot 2235.

Ex Bank Leu, Zürich. January 1967.
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