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Auction 100  29-30 May 2017
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Lot 100

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Estimate: 200000 CHF
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Greek Coins

Syracuse. Decadrachm unsigned work by Kimon circa 404-400, AR 43.42 g. Fast quadriga driven l. by charioteer, holding reins and kentron; in field above, Nike flying r. to crown him. In exergue, display of military harness set on two steps and beneath, ΑΘΛΑ. Rev. ΣΥΡΑ[ΚΟΣΙ]ΩN Head of Arethusa l., wearing earring with pendant and beaded necklace; wavy hair bound in front with ampyx and caught up behind by net. Around three dolphins, while a fourth makes dorsal contact with neck truncation. Regling, Syrakus 11c (this coin). Seltman, Greek Coins, pl. 24, 1 (this coin). Rizzo pl. L, 6 (this obverse die). Gulbenkian 307 (these dies). Mildenberg, Essays Kraay-Mørkholm, pl. XLIV, 11 (these dies). Jongkees 11c (this coin).
Very rare. A spectacular specimen of this important and desirable issue. Struck on
a very broad flan and exceptionally complete. Of superb Classical style
and with an enchanting old cabinet tone. Good extremely fine

Ex Hirsch XXXIV, 1914, 196; Naville V, 1923, 112; Ars Classica XIII, 1928, 337; CNG 50, 1999, 509 sales and Nomos FPL 2012, 5.

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