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Auction 8  20 Sep 2017
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Lot 413

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Estimate: 5000 GBP
Price realized: 9000 GBP

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Commemorative Medals, Charles II, Restoration, "Felicitas Britanniæ", massive silver medal, 1660, by John Roettier, draped and armoured bust to r., hair long and over shoulders, CAROLVS. SECVNDVS. D. G. . MAG. BRIT. FRAN. ET. HIB. REX, rev. Britannia seated on shore by cliffs receives an olive branch from Justice, attended by Pallas and Hercules, with lion and holding club, Fame behind him and an infant genius above, legend in inverted letters in exergue, FELICITAS BRITANNIÆ 29 MAII 1660, 85.5mm. (MI.460/53; Eimer 212; vL. II, 464, Farquhar pp. 252-255, illus.), a most handsome medal, extremely fine and extremely rare
MI. states, with full justification, 'This is one of the beautiful medals executed by John Roettier...'. The date, 29th May, was the King's birthday and the day that he arrived in London.
The Alan Irvine Collection of Historical and Artistic Medals (5000-8000 GBP)
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