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Auction 39 - Banknotes  8-9 Feb 2018
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Russia: huge collection of 837 Banknotes in 5 collectors books Russia and former Russian Territories starting with the Russian Empire comprising for example 1 Ruble 1859 P.A33 (VG), 1 Ruble 1884 P.A48 (F), 3 Rubles 1898 P.2 (F-), 5 Rubles 1898 P.3 (F+), 10 Rubles 1898 P.3 (F-), 25 Rubles 1899 P.7 (F-), many of the postage stamp currency issues and small change notes like 20 Kopeks ND(1915) P.30 (XF), Provisional Government issues ND(1917), notes of the R.S.F.S.R. with 5000 and 10.000 Rubles 1918 (P.96, 97 in F/F+), the State Currency Notes 1922 with 5000 and 10.000 Rubles (P.137, 138 in F+/F-), the State Bank of the R.S.F.S.R with 1 and 10 Chervontsev (P.139, 143 in F/F+), New Ruble issues 1923 for example 5000 Rubles P.171 (F), the State Currency Notes of the Soviet Union 1923 with 10.000, 15.000 and 25.000 Rubles P.181-183 (F/VF), containing also some of the Chervonets issues 1924/26 for example 3 and 5 Chervontsev P.197, 200 (VF/F) up to the 1947 issues with the Portrait of Lenin like 50 Rubles P.230 (F). For the regional notes the collection starts with the Archangelsk issues like for example 25 Rubles ND(1918) P.S104 (aUNC) or 25 Rubles North Russia 1918 P.S137 (VG), several notes Northwest Russia like 50 Rubles Pskov 1918 P.S211 (XF), Mitau, Mogilev and Slutsk issues, Ukraine with 100 Karbovantsiv 1917 P.1 (F), some of the bond certificates 1918 P.12-15, State Treasury Notes 1918/19 P.21-25, 35, 36-39, Elisabetgrad Government branch for example 25 Rubles 1919 P.S324A (F), Odessa, Zhytomyr, Crimea, Rostov on Don, South Russia, Astrakhan Region like 100 Rubles 1918 P.S445A (F-), North Caucasus with Armavir, Kuban, Ekatarinodar, Mineralnye Vody, Terek Republic for example 25 and 100 Rubles 1918 P.S533, S535 (XF), Vladikavkaz Railroad Company for example 1000 Rubles 1918 P.S596 (VF+), Transcaucasus including 250 Million Rubles 1924 P.S637 (VF+), Armenia for example 100.000 Rubles 1922 P.S682 (F-), Azerbaijan, Siberia & Ural with a lot of the Treasury bills Omsk, Ekatarinburg, Krasnojarsk, Orenburg, Central asia with some of the Bukhara Peoples Soviet Republic issues, Khorezm Soviet Peoples Republic, Ashkhabad, Tashkent, Turkestan including the rare 500 Rubles 1919 P.S1172 (F), East Siberia with Chita City, Pribaikal Region for example 100 Rubles 1918 P.S1197 (VF), Far Eastern Republic including the 1000 Rubles 1920 P.S1208 (VF+), Amur Region, Primorye Region including the seldom offered 40 Rubles ND(1919) P.S1236 (UNC), Vladivostok for example 1000 Rubles check issue 1920 P.S1254 (VF), City of Tomsk with the 500 Rubles 1918 P.S1284 and finally some of the Russko-Aziatsky Bank issues from 50 Kopeks up to 10 Rubles ND(1917) P.S473-S476 (F/F+). Over all a highly rare and comprehensive collection with many rarities, signature- and watermark variations. For sure a great addition to any collection. (5 collectors books with 837 Banknotes)
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