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Auction XVII  28 Mar 2019
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Lot 647

Estimate: 1500 GBP
Price realized: 1200 GBP
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Antoninus Pius Æ Hexassarion of Ephesus, Ionia. AD 138-161. AY K T AI AΔPIA ANTΩNЄINOC, laureate and cuirassed bust right, breastplate decorated with aegis / KOINON ACIAC ЄΦЄCIΩN, cult-statue of Artemis Ephesia standing facing between two stags, fillets hanging from each hand; at left, Nike standing to right, holding palm branch and crowning Artemis with wreath; at right, turreted female deity (Tyche?) standing facing with head left, holding patera in right hand and sceptre with left. BMC -; RPC IV online 2752 (same dies); SNG Copenhagen -; SNG München -; SNG von Aulock -; Karwiese, Die Münzprägung von Ephesos 5, Wien 2012, no. 244 (same dies). 29.00g, 37mm, 6h.

Good Very Fine; pleasant earthen patina. Extremely Rare; one of perhaps ten known examples.

From the inventory of a German dealer, acquired from Leu Numismatik AG. 

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