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Auction XVII  28 Mar 2019
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Lot 692

Estimate: 1250 GBP
Price realized: 5000 GBP
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Octavian AR Denarius. Uncertain mint in Italy, 37 BC. IMP•CAESAR•DIVI•F•III•VIR•ITER•R•P•C, bare head of Octavian to right / COS•ITER•ET•[TER•DESIG], simpulum, sprinkler, jug and lituus. Babelon (Julia) 140. Crawford 538/1; CRI 312; Sydenham 1334; RSC 91. 3.85g, 19mm, 2h.

Extremely Fine; beautiful old cabinet tone. An excellent example of the type.

Ex German collection of Roman Denarii, formed in the 1980s to early 2000s;
Ex Münzen & Medaillen AG Basel, Auction 81, 18-19 September 1995, lot 145;
Ex Bank Leu AG, Auction 17, 3-4 May 1977, lot 873 (Silver coins of the Roman Republic from an old private collection).
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