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E-Auction 33  11 Dec 2019
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Lot 68

Estimate: 150 USD
Price realized: 130 USD
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ROMAN IMPERATORIAL. The Pompeians. M. Porcius Cato. Spring 47 - Spring 46 B.C. AR denarius. 3.89 gm. 16 mm. Utica mint. Draped female bust (Roma or Libertas?) right; M CAST O PRO PR before, ROMA behind / Victory seated right, holding patera and palm frond over shoulder; VICTRIX in exergue. CRI 46a. Crawford 462/1a. Sydenham 1053. RSC Porcia 10. Good Very Fine; attractive old toning on fresh surfaces; strike flatness on forehead; three hairline scratches (graffiti?) on reverse before Victory; tidily holed at 9' obverse. Excellent style, superior to the other dies used for this type.

Holes in coins were often made to let the coin be carried on a cord (no pockets).

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