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obolos 17  20 Dec 2020
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Lot 32

Starting price: 150 CHF
Price realized: 260 CHF
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CALABRIA. Tarentum. Circa 272-240 BC. Didrachm or nomos (Silver, 20.5 mm, 6.53 g, 12 h), struck under the magistrates Aristokles and Di... Warrior holding a lance in his right hand and with a large round shield covering his back, on horse galloping to right; in left field, ΔI; below horse, API-ΣTO/KΛ-HΣ. Rev. TAPA[Σ] Phalanthos riding dolphin to left, holding kantharos in right hand, trident in left; to right, head of nymph to left. HN III 1033. Vlasto 877-81. Well centered and struck. Very fine.
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