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Numismatic Auction 99  23 Mar 2021
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Lot 90

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Estimate: 50 USD
Price realized: 30 USD

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Thrace, Deultum. Gordian III. A.D. 238-244. AE 26 (26.3 mm, 6.78 g, 6 h). IMP C M A[NT] GORDI[ANVS AVG], laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Gordian III right / COL FL PAC DEVLT (apparently muddled by multiple striking), Marsyas standing right, raising hand and carrying wineskin over shoulder. RPC VII.2, - (unassigned; ID 48851) ; SNG Deultum 1119; Draganov, Deultum 1119 and 1125a. Good Fine, flan crack, rough olive green patina. Very Rare, six specimens known to RPC, including this coin.
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