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Aelius as Caesar. Aureus; Aelius as Caesar; 136-138 AD, Rome, 137 AD, Aureus, 7.37g. BM-1003, pl. 67.10 = RIC-444, pl. XIV, 292 = RIC²-2713, pl. 48 (same dies); Calicó-1448 (same dies); bust var. of C-42 (200 Fr.). Obv: L AELIVS - CAESAR Bare-headed, draped bust r., seen from front and side. Rx: PIE - TAS across field, TRIB - POT - COS - II around, Pietas standing r. dropping incense on altar and holding box. Ex Stack's, 11 January 2013, lot 5362.Aelius is probably the handsomest man ever portrayed on a Roman coin. Struck in high relief. MS
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