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Constantine VII and Romanus II. Solidus; Constantine VII and Romanus II; 913-959 AD. Constantinople, c. 945-59 AD, Solidus, 3.94g. Berk-278, DO-15, Sear-1751. Obv: +IhS XPS REX REGNANTIUm Bust of Christ facing, wearing nimbus decorated with cross (with three pellets in each limb of cross), and raising r. hand in benediction; in l. hand, book of Gospels. Rx: CONSTANT' CE ROMAN' A??? Facing busts of Constantine VII, with short beard (on l.) and Romanus II beardless (on r.), both crowned and holding between them long patriarchal cross; Constantine is wearing a loros while his son wears a chlamys. Ex Berk 166, 15 October 2009, lot 57.. MS
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