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Romanus III. Stamenon Nomisma; Romanus III; 1028-1034 AD. Constantinople, Stamenon Nomisma, 4.43g. Berk-296, Sear-1819. Obv: +IhS XIS REX - REGNANTIhm Christ seated facing on square-backed throne, wearing nimbus marked with cross and raising r. hand in benediction; in l. hand, book of Gospels; double border. Rx: TCE bOHT' - RWmAhW around, MT in upper field, The Virgin, nimbate on r., stands facing and crowns Romanus, who stands facing beside Her, bearded, and holds cross on globe; on the drapery fold below the globe, four pellets; double border. Ex Gemini III, 9 January 2007, lot 681 (part).Beautifully centered and perfectly struck. FDC
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