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Calabria, Tarentum. AR Nomos; Calabria, Tarentum; c. 235-228 BC, magistrate Xenokrates, Nomos, 6.48g. SNG ANS-1259, Vlasto-959. Obv: [?]E-NoKPA/[T]-HS Armored cavalryman on horse pacing l., raising his r. hand in salute and turning his bearded head to face the viewer; in upper field to r., TRK monogram and pileus. Rx: TAPAS Phalantyhos, nude, riding dolphin swimming l., holding trident over shoulder in his r. hand, and holding his drapery in his upraised l.; to r., monogram SO; below, cuttlefish and waves. Acquired from Harlan Berk, 2014; ex Roma VIII, 28 March 2014, lot 23.Exceptional type. Large complex reverse almost completely shown including squid in right field. MS
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