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Sicily, Syracuse by Kimon. Decadrachm; Sicily, Syracuse by Kimon; c. 407 BC, Decadrachm, 41.00g. Jongkees-14 (only 4 recorded in 1941). Obv: Charioteer driving fast quadriga l., holding goad in r. hand, reins in l.; above, Nike flying r., crowning charioteer; in exergue panoply of armor consisting of cuirass flanked by greaves, with shield on l. and crested helmet on r.; beneath, AT?A. Rx: Head of Arethusa l. wearing hairband, earrings, and pearl necklace; four dolphins around her, S?P???S?O? above.The decadrachms of Kimon are some of the most sought after of all Greek coins. While this coin is unsigned, only four were recorded by Jongkees in 1941. The head of Arethusa is perfectly centered with all four dolphins around her, representing the island origin of Syracuse before it was moved to the mainland. Flawless centering on obverse as well. Slight porosity. This coin is highly desirable for any collector of Greek coins. EF
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