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Auction 80  6 Apr 2021
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Lot 404

Starting price: 180 EUR
Price realized: 210 EUR
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Lepidus and Octavian (Agustus). Denarius. 42 BC. Galia. (Ffc-4). (Craw-495/2d). (Cal-110). Anv.: LEPIDVS PONT. MAX. lll V.R.P.C., (NT and MA interlace), head of Augustus right. Rev.: C. CAESAR IMP. lll VIR. R.P.C., (IMP interlace), head of Octavian right. Ag. 3,57 g. F. Est...220,00.

SPANISH DESCRIPTION: Lépido y Octavio (Augusto). Denario. 42 a.C. Galia. (Ffc-4). (Craw-495/2d). (Cal-110). Anv.: Cabeza descubierta de Lepido a derecha, LEPIDVS PONT. MAX. III V.R.P.C., (NT entrelazadas). Rev.: Cabeza descubierta de Octavio a derecha, C. CAESAR IMP. III VIR. R.P.C., (IMP entrelazadas). Ag. 3,57 g. BC. Est...220,00.

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