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Auction 80  6 Apr 2021
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Lot 86

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Starting price: 50 EUR
Price realized: 55 EUR

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Areikoratikos. Unit. 150-20 BC. Agreda (Soria). (Abh-84). (Acip-1739). Anv.: Male head to the right, in front of Iberian letters SOS, behind pellet. Rev.: Rider with chlamid on the right and below the legend AREIKORATIKOS curve. Ae. 15,18 g. Rare. F. Est...80,00.

SPANISH DESCRIPTION: Areikoratikos. As. 150-20 a.C. Ágreda (Soria). (Abh-84). (Acip-1739). Anv.: Cabeza masculina a derecha, delante letras ibéricas SOS, detrás punto. Rev.: Jinete con clámide a derecha y debajo leyenda curva AREIKORATIKOS. Ae. 15,18 g. Rara. BC. Est...80,00.

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