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Treasure Auction 29  7-10 May 2021
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Lot 287

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Starting Price: 30 000 USD
Price realized: 85 000 USD

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Mexico City, Mexico, cob 8 reales Royal (galano), 1730/28/5R/D, PHILIPPVS V over LVDOVICVS I, unique, NGC AU 58, ex-Rudman (stated on label), Lazaro Plate Coin.S-M24; KM-R47a; Cal-1384.26.94 grams.This is a coin for the ages, perfectly struck with even pressure throughout, resulting in full sharp details on a completely round and evenly thick flan graced with ideal cabinet toning, no flaws or damage at all, lacking even the typical hole or gilding, the only justified exclusion from Mint State being an apparent lack of luster. Exceptional condition aside, this coin is perhaps most important for its unique date/assayer combination and obvious over-punchings in date, assayer and king's name, stretching back five years and demonstrating how infrequently these gems were made. It should be noted that the over-assayer on this coin actually does not represent a change of personnel, as the actual working assayer behind the D mark (proven to stand for the monastery of the Holy Desert of Mount Carmel, which had inherited ownership of the office of assayer upon the death of assayer Geronimo Becerra in 1677, according to research by Jorge Proctor) was none other than Jose de Rivas Angulo, who claimed his own assayer-mark R in 1729. The basic design was virtually unchanged since 1715, both in silver and gold, and it can be said that Mexico found its highest level of production quality with these Royals, this 1730 piece notably issued just after the 1728 decree to change to a completely new "pillar dollar" design and the dawn of full machine production in 1732. Needless to say, this is the finest and only example in the NGC census, and it is unlikely there will ever be another. Anyone with the wherewithal to acquire this gem should not miss this opportunity to try.Pedigreed to the Isaac Rudman Numismatic Cabinet, Plate Coin #87 (p. 139) of Lazaro's Los redondos de Lima, Mejico y Potosi y otras acunaciones especiales (1996).
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