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Lepidus and Octavian. Denarius; Lepidus and Octavian; 42 BC, Denarius, 3.90g. Cr-495/2d, Syd-1323 var. (R6), Sear Imperators-140a. Obv: Bare head of Lepidus r., LEPIDVS.PONT.MAX - [III V R P C] around (NT and MA ligate). Rx: Bare head of Octavian r., C.CAESAR.IMP.III. - VIR.R.P.C. around (MP ligate).Exquisite portrait of Lepidus with his full name above his head, which is truly rare since most specimens are rather worn and very sloppy, usually missing the name. Even though the obverse of this coin is somewhat off center, it is far better than normal . MS
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