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Auction 161  18 Sep 2021
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Original Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum Copenhagen
Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum. SYLLOGE NUMMORUM GRAECORUM. THE ROYAL COLLECTION OF COINS AND MEDALS, DANISH NATIONAL MUSEUM. Copenhagen, 1942–1979. First editions. Forty-three parts, complete, as follows: 1. ITALY. PART I: ETRURIA–CAMPANIA. 1942. 2. ITALY. PART II: APULIA–LUCANIA: METAPONTUM. 1942. 3. ITALY. PART III: LUCANIA: POSEIDONIA–BRUTTIUM. 1942. 4. SICILY. PART I: ABACAENUM–PETRA. 1942. 5. SICILY. PART II: SEGESTA–SARDINIA. 1942. 6. THRACE. PART I: THE TAURIC CHERSONESE–THRACE: MESEMBRIA. 1942. 7. THRACE. PART II: ODESSUS–SESTUS. ISLANDS, KINGS AND DYNASTS. 1943. 8. MACDEONIA. PART I: ACANTHUS–URANOPOLIS. DYNASTS. 1943. 9. MACEDONIA PART II: ALEXANDER I–ALEXANDER III. 1943. 10. MACEDONIA PART III: PHILIP III–PHILIP VI. MACEDONIA UNDER THE ROMANS. KINGS OF PAEONIA. 1943. 11. THESSALY–ILLYRICUM. 1943. 12. EPIRUS–ACARNANIA. 1943. 13. AETOLIA–EUBOEA. 1944. 14. ATTICA–AEGINA. 1944. 15. CORINTH. 1944. 16. PHLIASIA–LACONIA. 1944. 17. ARGOLIS–AEGEAN ISLANDS. 1944. 18. BOSPORUS–BITHYNIA. 1944. 19. MYSIA. 1945. 20. TROAS. 1945. 21. AEOLIS–LESBOS. 1945. 22. IONIA. PART I: CLAZOMENAE–EPHESUS. 1946. 23. IONIA. PART II: ERYTHRAE–PRIENE. 1946. 24. IONIA. PART III: SMYRNA–TEOS ISLANDS. 1946. 25. CARIA. PART I: ALABANDA–ORTHOSIA. 1947. 26. CARIA. PART II: SEBASTOPOLIS–TRAPEZOPOULOS. SATRAPS–ISLANDS. 1947. 27. LYDIA. PART I: ACRASAS–SAÏTTA. 1947. 28. LYDIA. PART II: SALA–TRIPOLIS. 1947. 29. PHRYGIA. PART I: ABBAÏTIS–EUMENEIA. 1948. 30. PHRYGIA. PART II: GRIMENOTHYRAE–TRAJANOPOLIS. 1948. 31. LYCIA–PAMPHYLIA. 1955. 32. PISIDIA. 1956. 33. LYCAONIA–CILICIA. 1956. 34. CYPRUS–CAPPADOCIA, UNCERTAIN COINS, IMPERIAL CISTOPHORI. 1956. 35. SYRIA, SELEUCID KINGS. 1959. 36. SYRIA, CITIES. 1959. 37. PHOENICIA. 1961. 38. PALESTINE–CHARACENE. 1961. 39. PARTHIA–INDIA. 1965. 40. EGYPT: THE PTOLEMIES. 1977. 41. ALEXANDRIA-CYRENAICA. 1974. 42. NORTH AFRICA, SYRTICA–MAURETANIA. 1969. 43. SPAIN-GAUL. 1979. Forty-three volumes in all, comprising 584 mostly fine photographically printed plates depicting 23,339 coins accompanied by introductory and descriptive text (the final two volumes were issued with halftone plates). Folio. Fascicles 1–38 are bound in seven volumes by Petersen & Petersen in half vellum with green sides; spines with fine raised bands; red, blue and black spine labels lettered in gilt; plates bound in on hinges; housed in plain cardboard slipcases. Fascicles 39–43 are bound as published in the original printed card covers. The binding of the volume including fascicles 33–38 is somewhat worn, with the sides rubbed and one of the spine labels in need or repair; its slipcase is broken. Contents are uniformly fine. The classic SNG series, used constantly throughout the trade. A charming introduction to the series by Niels Breitenstein graces the first fascicle, providing background on the collection, its formation and previous attempts to catalogue it. With the forty-third volume, editor Otto Mørkholm was able to report that over 23,300 coins had been published from the collection over the course of some forty years-a massive effort. While the halftone reproductions in the 1982 reprint are of decent quality, the original collotype plates in most of the originals are far superior and allow for magnification of detail. Clain-Stefanelli 1912*. Daehn 1982. Grierson 56. Kroh 13 (five stars): "It is the largest and most complete of all SNG's and it utilized extensively by both scholars and the trade. The coverage is extensive and both the quality of material as well as the research is very good... Original full sets are very rare..."
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