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Vespasian. Sestertius; Vespasian; 69-79 AD, Rome, 71 AD, Sestertius, 29.27g. BM-536, Paris-490, C-234 (8 Fr.) corr., RIC-159 (C3). Obv: IMP CAES VESPASIAN AVG P M TR P P P COS III Head laureate r. Rx: IVDAEA - CAPTA around, S C in exergue, Judaea seated r. on cuirass in attitude of mourning under palm tree, Jew with hands tied behind back standing r. on other side of tree, captured arms on ground l. and r. From a new reverse die, unknown to Kraay in his unpublished die study of Vespasian\'s sestertii of 70-71 AD. Other types known to have been struck with the same obverse die as our coin, Kraay\'s A73: two other varieties of the IVDAEA CAPTA type, in one die each; PAX AVGVSTI standing, one die; ROMA standing, two dies; and SPQR / OB / CIVES / SERVATOS in wreath, one die.Most IVDAEA CAPTA sestertii are worn or tooled. This coin is untouched and mint state, with slight encrustation on the reverse which anyone cleaning the coin would have removed. With a flawless portrait of Vespasian and a beautiful green patina. MS
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