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Auction 128  23-25 Nov 2021
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Nabataea, Aretas IV, with Shaqilat, (9 B.C.- A.D. 40), silver drachm, 15mm, (4.10 g), Petra mint, dated RY 37 (A.D. 28/9), obv. laureate and draped bust of Aretas right, rev. jugate draped busts of Aretas, diademed, and Shaqilat right; date behind; (S.5695, Meshorer, Nabataea -); another (4.43 g), uncertain date, similar to above, (S.5695, Meshorer, Nabataea 99-111) (illustrated); another Malichus II, with Shaqilat, (A.D. 40-70), silver drachm, 15mm, (3.94 g), Petra mint, dated RY 22 (A.D. 61/2), obv. laureate head of Malichus right, rev. veiled head of Shaqilat right, (S.5702, cf. Meshorer, Nabataea 138); assorted AE of Aretas IV (S.5701) (3); Malichus II (S.5703); Rabbell II (S.5706) (2). Very good - fine. (9)

Ex Dr L.J. Sherwin Collection first three from CNG eSales 183/94, 170/130, 187/56; others from trade 1970s-1980s.

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