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Mysia, Pergamum. Stater; Mysia, Pergamum; c. 334 BC, Stater, 8.59g. SNG Paris-1557 = De Luynes Coll. 2493. v. Fritze, Die Münzen von Pergamon, pl. I, 7 (Berlin specimen) = Mørkholm, EHC 268. U. Westermark, Notes on the Saida Hoard (IGCH 1508), NNÅ (1979-80), p. 28, nos. 36-37 (Berlin and Paris specimens). Gulbenkian Coll.-699 = Jameson Coll.-2580. Obv: Head of youthful Herakles r., wearing lionskin headdress knotted round neck. Rx: Archaistic Palladion to front, wearing calathos on head, raising spear in r. hand and holding on l. arm shield adorned with a star, from which hangs a fillet ending in a monogram. In the l. field, crested Corinthian helmet to r. Ex Berk 189, 11 February 2014, lot 17. Ex Gemini VII, January 2011, lot 477. Ex Dr. Patrick Tan Collection.This stater is extremely beautiful and excessively rare. Less that ten coins exist of this issue and this is one of the finest. FDC
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