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Coin Auction 22  12 Mar 2022
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Lot 390

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Price realized: 32 000 EUR
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Sweden, Karl XIV Johan MIS 3b 1 riksdaler 1829 29.13 g. Stockholm. With edge inscription, TROYSKA ASS etc. Insignificant planchet flaw. Beautiful patina. R. Ex Ulf Nordlind Mynthandel 2001. SM 51. SMB 22. The rare riksdalers with edge lettering "534 8/9 TROYSKA ASS FINSILFVER" contains 534 8/9 ass fine silver. A Swedish ass should have the weight of 1/8848 skålpund (Swedish pound, 425.076 g) i.e. 0.048042 g. This means our riksdaler has 25.7 g of fine silver. The total weight of the coin should be approx. 29.35 g , which gives a fineness of 87,85% or 878,5/1000 - which is what the Coinage Act of 1818 is prescribing. However, already by the Coinage Act of 1830, the principle to put the fineness expressed in troy ass on the edge was abandoned. From this point onwards, instead the fineness was expressed in 1/100ths, which meant a significant simplification "75/100 DELAR FINSILFVER". The Coinage Act of 1830 also reduced the fineness to 75% silver, consequently 25.5 g fine silver, so the gross weight of the coin increased to 34.0 g. 1+/01)(1+
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