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Auction 15  21 May 2022
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Lot 315

Starting price: 50 000 CHF
Price realized: 95 000 CHF
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GERMANY. Köln. Free City, 1474-1815. 12 Ducats HK, 1726. Obv. MON NOVA LIB REIPUB COLONIENSIS 1727. Coat of arms between Griffin and Lion. Rev. CAROL VI DG R I S A GER HIS HUN BO REX. Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust to right. Nöss unlisted. cf. 610; Fr. cf. 774. AU. 41.44 g. UNC adjustment marks on reverse
Of the highest rarity.
In 1726, Heinrich Koppers had been in office as Mint Master of the city of Cologne for 3 years. Nöss, in his work on the coinage of the city of Cologne, reports that the city council commissioned him to produce 1000 Thalers. The choice of the coinage standard was initially based on the Burgundy standard (Burgundisher Fuss). This denomination was engraved on the reverse dies of the 1726 thalers by the presence of the terms "Burg"- "Fues".
Koppers firstly minted 665 Thalers of the initial order of 1000 coins. Contrary to usual practice, Heinrich Kopper having in his possession the dies for the Thaler, took the opportunity to mint in addition to the 665 Thalers approximately 5 to 6 gold coins weighing 12 Ducats. These mintages were commissioned by leading families in the city of Cologne. These issues, although normally highly regulated, were minted without the authorization of the City Council.
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