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Auction 15  21 May 2022
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Lot 53

Starting price: 3000 CHF
Price realized: 3000 CHF
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ROMAN EMPIRE. Julia Domna Augusta, with Geta as Caesar. Denarius 201, Laodicae ad Mare. Dynastic issue. Obv. IVLIA AVGVSTA. Draped bust right. Rev. P SEPTIM GETA CAES PONT. Bareheaded, draped, and cuirassed bust of Geta right. RIC unlisted cf. 571 (Rome mint). AR. 3.13 g. AU rusted dies
Ex. Freeman inventory, lot R9672; Ex. CNG Auction 58, 19 September 2001, lot 1246; Ex. Marc Melcher collection, CNG Auction Triton VI, 14-15 January 2003, lot 987; Ex. A. Lynn collection, Helios Auction 4, 14 October 2009, lot 550.
Extremely rare for this eastern mint, less than 5 examples were sold in the last 20 years. The G. R. Arnold Collection of silver coins of the Severan Dynasty, sold by Glendining's (21 November 1984), did not have an example of this rarity.
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